What the Mayan Zodiac Signs Speak about Your Personality

Get your personality analysis, based on the 2500 years old Tzolk’in calendar, a treasure of the Maya, a system of personal guidance. You will see how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and your inner conflicts into powerful alliances!

Mayan Astrology Calendar has been unique to the art of deciphering one’s mayan dreamspell calendar for centuries. The 260-day Dreamspell sacred calendar is the oldest of all calendars known to the people of Mayan civilization in Mesoamerica. Also known as the Divine Calendar, the Dreamspell dates back to 600 BC, which is a subject of debate in current times. The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar’s centrality to the making of one’s mayan dreamspell calendar is still found in some Maya communities. The word ‘Dreamspell’ means ‘the distribution of the days.’ That’s why the calendar is divided into 20 periods; each of 13 days.


Each of the 20 periods on the mayan astrology calendar is a sign or symbol. Thus, there are 20 Mayan galactic signature as per the sacred calendar. The symbol or sign of a particular period helps define the mayan calendar of those born in that period. The sign and the accompanying number in a child’s Mayan astrology report are often compared to the sun and moon signs in the Western astrology. The 260 days of the calendar hold immense significance for Maya groups residing in and around the Highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas.  

It is said that a shrine has been consecrated to each of the 260 days on the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. Evidently, a total of 260 shrines are there in and around the Highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas. Honduras is said to be the location of some of the shrines. All of the shrines are idyllically set amidst natural artifices, such as hilltops, river valleys, caves, rain forests, etc. The Maya priests, who use the calendar to decide the newborn’s Mayan astrology signs, are called Aj Kin or Day Keepers. They pray at those shrines on some occasions. For instance, Day Keepers offer prayers to introduce their novices to the Earth Grandfather on 8 B’aatz or 8 Monkey, a day of significance for them. 


In the Western astrology, a great emphasis lies on the movement of various celestial bodies in the solar system as a deciding or dominating factor of one’s life and fortune. But the Mayan astrology signs were born out of the Milky Way which the Mayan people believe was the creator of the cosmos. The place on earth where the Maya lived in the bygone days enabled them to see the Milky Way and formed the foundation of their aforementioned belief. They feel that the galactic center influences their individual Mayan astrology personality. As per a child’s Mayan astrology report, the sign and the number together define the energy that emanated from the galactic center when the child was born. The power of the same sign and the same number combines with the galactic energy even in one’s present day.   

The use of the dreamspell calendar is not limited to the understanding of one’s mayan galactic signature. Rather, it is extended to determine the onset of religious holidays and other important days in the Maya communities. Mastering the art and science of making one’s Mayan astrology report using the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar is not an easy task these days.                

The traditional mayan dreamspell calendar differs from its modern version in several aspects, most important of which being continuity of energy flow. In traditional system, the flow is uninterrupted whereas in modern version, it starts afresh every four years. The traditional system is also scientific and applies to any heavenly body, unlike its modern avatar.

Those who have harvested interest in Mayan astrology often get confused when it comes to calendar system. Now mayan dreamspell calendar is integral to astrological calculation and prediction. That establishes its importance beyond doubt. We now have two different types of calendar systems claimed to be the Mayan alternatives to the calendar of Gregorian origin. The first and most important as well as authentic of them is the Conventional Sacred Mayan Calendar.

The traditional Mayan calendar is still used in some parts of Guatemala and more related to thirteen baktun calendar or Long Count. From the perspective of a micro scale, traditional 13 moon 28 day calendar reproduces energies of Long Count. The traditional system also reflects an uninterrupted creation process unlike the modern version which is a deviation from the original Mayan calendar.

The Latest Type

The second type, which is an invention of modern man Jose Arguelles, is a different version based on Tzolkin. It is most commonly referred to as 13 Moon calendar or mayan dreamspell. It does not refer to a continuous flow, rather takes a break every four years and bears no direct relation with the Long Count of prophetic nature.

Due to the jumps that it makes on every leap day, 13 moon calendar zodiac is associated with a creation flow for only four years. After every leap day, it produces a new flow. It has already been stated that interrupted flow is not a characteristic of original and more authentic version of the Mayan calendar.


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