What You Should Do After SSC Exam In This Year

After completing the SSC exam some students get puzzled to know what should they do. For those students, I am here to tell you some tips.

At present, the main task of boys and girls is to study. And before the end of these studies, the war began. We all know that as the job market becomes more and more sluggish. Thousands of applications are currently submitted for a small job. This is the real picture now. In the near future, it may be difficult to test. Because of the rate at which the population is increasing, the rate of employment does not increase. With this in mind, I'm going to share some small tips for everyone.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a statement that there is nothing but a job in the head of people, but it is possible to earn millions by freelancing. I welcome the Prime Minister's statement. Maybe many did not understand the meaning of the words. I have been working on technology for over 5 years. Although my study background is incompatible with that technology. However, freelancing or outsourcing is not an option to eliminate unemployment. However, around this time, so many cheerful freelancing fear of cheating has spread. But I will say, it's not a laugh, it's true. But you need to learn and know the right way. Otherwise, you will never succeed. How many years do you think you should study to earn over 50,000 a month, where you study for 25 years to get a small 10,000 salary job?

Many dream to make millions in the course. My question is how? Will the course bring you money or will you get paid for work? Yes, you must work. But where to work? What to do Who else will pay? This question raises many heads. Tell them, you'll earn by doing what you've learned online. It can be data entry, SEO, graphics design, animation, video/audio editing, etc. When you learn such a task, you no longer have to run behind the job, the job will find you.

Our big problem is that we spend a lot of time without knowing the job or just shrugging off our earnings. I tell them, you can never earn. Before asking yourself, have you fully mastered one thing? If you do, I'll tell you. Join us in Upwork or Fever. Guaranteed you can earn a good amt month. However, to join these sites, you need experience. Do a Google search, you will find tips and tricks.

I personally work with SEO. So you don't have to work in a Fever or Upwork. I do my own work and Google pays me. Since I work, there is no time to work full time. Why do I work? Because there is not enough situation in this country to introduce freelancing. By the way, I hire people from outside to do my work. Pay a month is a good amount. That means, if you know the job then you can make a good income in a month with other people.

Where do you learn to work?

Google and YouTube are the biggest platforms for learning work. Search for the topic you like best. If you want to learn how to work with SEO, you can write Jobayer Academy and search for YouTube. I have some free tutorials. There will be some experience with the look.

How do I learn

You have to find time for yourself to learn. Everyone has a mobile phone, download the tutorial and check it out in time. And students can advise the students to use the time available before the SSC result BD is published. At least you don't have to stay home to finish your studies. She was studying at Varsity and continued to learn. I promise you are bound to succeed.


You cannot earn millions by making small courses, you need to be able to earn lakhs of money before you can earn millions. Beware of those who call on these temptations. Money is not for income, but spend a year or two behind learning. If you can quickly learn it is your ability.

This is my first article on this blog, I do not know if such writing is acceptable. If you have any interest in earning online then I will try to teach in the future by writing free-to-write. I look forward to your comments. After commenting, I will decide if there is anything else to write about.

Be it digital Bangladesh, free unemployment. Allah is Hafez. Well, everyone.

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