Packing boxes

Where to get best packing supplies?

If you don’t have the perfect material like big boxes and tapes it may add to your problems. Luckily, We Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here with packing supplies in Gold Coast. We provide the best services in town.

Are you thinking of moving? Is the packing giving you a problem? Then allow Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals to solve the issue. Going from one place to another is easy, but when you have to move with the whole house it’s never an easy task.

If you don’t have the perfect material like big boxes and tapes it may add to your problems. Luckily, We Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here with packing supplies in Gold Coast. We provide the best services in town.

Where to buy packing boxes?

We have all kinds of boxes available. Either you are moving the house or the office you can contact us to get the packing supplies. We also have bubble wrap, padlocks, and packing paper. We try to make your move safe and simple. We have online services. You can get your boxes just by ordering online. Your requirements will reach your house. You can always say “I have packing supplies near me.”. And we can assure you that we have the best packing boxes.

We have a wide range of packing supplies:

We have all kinds of packing supplies. Whether you are thinking to redecorate the house, or to declutter it we can give you the perfect Packing BoxesWhen buying from us you can rest assured that your goods will be secured, and the amount is also very suitable. You will not just love our quality but you will also love the price. We also offer mattress covers, vacuum seal bags, moving blankets, packing paper, wrap, padlocks, tapes, dispenser, and packing knives.

What is good about our supplies?

Our packing boxes are perfectly designed to store goods for a long time. And the boxes will meet your exact storage requirements. The base is strong enough to resist the damage. We try to use recycled material to build our boxes. If you want such boxes that can stand the test of time, then believe us you have come to the right place. Our boxes will never disappoint you. You can use them after decluttering or while restyling the house.

How to know your requirements?

Your situation will determine the type of packaging you need. If you just have started from scratch you will need the following things.

  1. A packing knife, this knife will help you in unpacking the boxes easily. If you don’t use the knife then you may damage your goods when opening the boxes.
  2. A marker, you can label the boxes. You should remember what is inside each box.
  3. A tape, so you can seal the packing boxes.
  4. A tape dispenser, it will help in applying the tape easily.
  5. You may need a variety of boxes from large to small boxes. So, you can easily pack wine, clothing, documents, and other heavy things.
  6. You should also have packaging goods, paper wrap, film dispensers, padlocks, and some other stuff.
  7. If you are a renovator then you will have the basic packaging material. In that case, you will just need some boxes. So, if you need any packing goods then you can get the best packing supplies from us.

How do we deliver

  1. When you contact us, be sure to provide the correct phone number and address. As we are going to deliver it to your door.
  2. Our working days are Monday to Friday. You can get services on these given days. See our fee calculator know about the price of your orders.
  3. After your order is placed you will get a tracking number. To change anything in your order or to ask any queries you can contact our customer service.
  4. This is the pandemic time. Due to COVID-19, our orders can get a bit late.
    The person who receives the goods will be authorized. It is to ensure that the goods are delivered to the right person.
  5. When our order is delivered there should be a person of appropriate age to receive the order. If there is no one then you will be charged extra for wasting the time.
  6. After the delivery, the goods are all yours.

We offer 7 days return policy on unopened products except for those which are labeled as “no return basis”. You can also return them within 7 days if they are incorrectly shipped or damaged in transit. Shipping charges may apply which are nonrefundable.

Sell us your boxes:

You read it write, we just not sell the boxes we also buy them. So, if you have just moved to a new home and you don’t have any clue what to do with those packing boxes. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here to help you out. You can sell us your packing boxes. You can free some space and make some money as well. We will buy any used boxes. We will recycle them to save nature. So, if you want to get some money in your pocket contact us.

Frequently asked questions:

People usually have some questions about packing supplies. We have tried to give answers to a few of them.

How to measure a box?

The goods should perfectly fit inside the packing box. To get the perfect measurement measure the box from the inside. This will get the perfect dimensions which are length, width, and depth.

Will my boxes arrive assembled?

No, all of the boxes are flat packed when delivered. Because it reduces space and increases efficiency.

Can I get second-hand boxes?

Yes! You can. But it completely depends on the availability. Just contact us to know your answer.


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