1 BHK flat for sale in Borivali east

Which Flats are Best for Purchasing -1 BHK or 2 BHK?

You can easily double your investment in 4 to 5 years by purchasing a 1 BHK flat for sale in Borivali east, plus you can also give your apartment on rent and earn through rental income.

Investing your money in buying a property is a good idea in this current trend. If you keep your money in the bank account, the returns will be less. Thus, if you purchase a property in a prime location now and sell it after a few years, the returns will be more compared to a deposit in a bank account.

You can easily double your investment in 4 to 5 years by purchasing a 1 BHK flat for sale in Borivali east, plus you can also give your apartment on rent and earn through rental income. Investors usually look for a good location to invest in properties for better returns, and SV Road could be one of them's best locations. As for now, the properties are for Sale on SV Road. But before buying the apartment, one can always be confused between which flat to buy 1 BHK or 2 BHK.

So, here's an overview for you to decide.

Pros and Cons of 1 BHK

Purchasing 1 BHK properties for sale on SV road in Mumbai suburbs is an ideal investment for beginners as the price of 1 BHK is not so high and doesn't make you stretch your budgets profusely. Less capital involved would mean that the investor will have to make a small down payment and smaller equated monthly instalments. 1 BHK flats are perfectly sized for a newly married couple and bachelors living alone. But it's challenging to find a 1-BHK apartment in several societies, especially in cities like Mumbai. Simultaneously, due to its space restrictions, it can become difficult for some families to feel a sense of comfort in such apartments. Storage can also turn out to be a significant hassle in such a unit.

Pros and cons of 2 BHK

If an investor has a good budget, purchasing a 2 BHK flat for sale on SV Road is the most profitable and suitable option for them. 2 BHK flats also provide you with extra space; thus, it is best suited for couples who live with their parents and kids. An additional bedroom adds more to the grace and space of a house. 2 BHK flats are also easily available in big cities and small towns. One can quickly sell or rent out these types of apartments as they are in high demand. Therefore, buying 2 BHK apartments from popular builders can offer you extensive delightful lifestyle amenities.

Where to purchase 1 BHK and 2 BHK in Mumbai?

Chandak group in Mumbai offers 1 BHK flat for sale on SV Road and 2 BHK flats in the suburbs at affordable rates. These localities are strategically placed close to the Mumbai-Pune expressway and near the IT hubs and industrial zones.

If you are thinking to invest your money in property, you should look for properties for sale on SV Road as it is considered one of the prime locations in Mumbai suburbs, which can also help you double your investment. Buying properties for sale on SV Road could be beneficial for the investor as it connects Western Express Highway that further connects to other parts of the Mumbai suburb. Domestic and international airports are also nearby to this location. All types of transport and commute are also easily available in this location. This location is also ideal for families because the locality gives them affordable and luxurious housing options, shopping malls, entertainment hubs, educational institutions, small industries, etc. within its neighbourhood.

Thus, it would be best if you visit https://www.chandakgroup.com to know about the price and availability of new flats. ChandakGroup of construction promise to offer you the best property deals in your budget.

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