Which is the best KIOSK Manufacturing Company?

XIPHIAS is the Top Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk Manufacturing Company in India with its headquarter in Bangalore. It offers Outdoor, Gaming, and Multimedia kiosks solution.

Emancipation from hard manual works provided by the advanced technology has made us its admirers. Undisputedly, everyone will agree that the incredible inventions and discoveries of modern day technology have made our lives simpler, faster and worth-living. In this digital era, we are able to accomplish a myriad of works with the touch of a finger only. The long list of praiseworthy technological creations incorporates home appliances such as washing machine, water heater, microwave oven, induction machine, refrigerator, air conditioner etc., electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, ATMs and so on. Another device which has made entry into this significant list is the kiosk machine.   

The kiosk machine also makes an entry into the significant list of astonishing creations of advanced technology. It is a small, stand-alone device which is generally placed in locations where frequent high foot traffic happens. It is mainly for business purposes. It typically renders important information as well as applications on education, commerce, government projects, entertainment and a variety of other topics. Kiosks are being popular because they provide many advantages. They are capable of accomplishing works in a more organized manner.

17 inch touch screen KIOSK is a common structure which can be found at most of the places which incorporate Government and private offices, restaurants, airports, hospitals, educational institutions and so on. It is a standard size of KIOSK machine.

IoT based Information kiosk manufactured by XIPHIAS Software Technologies is used for smart advertisements and brand promotion. This kiosk displays information related to the products, advertisement, wayfinding, event broadcasting, sales, customer services and behavior and many more. Information kiosk basically informs and updates people about some services with a reduced wait time that is certainly a boon for businesses. They are mostly deployed at locations such as shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, retail stores, restaurants, corporate buildings, where foot traffic is more.

Utility Bill Payment KIOSK online offers to accept cash as well as digital payment methods such as UPI, Credit cards, Debit Cards, Visa, Rupay and MasterCards to do the multi-utility bills payments if anyone does not feel at home to utilize the web portal or Mobile App to complete the bill payment steps. XPay.Life provides a one – stop solution to clear the bills for all the major services such as electricity, gas, water, landline, mobile and DTH through the KIOSK.

XIPHIAS is the top Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk Manufacturing Company in India with its headquarter in Bangalore. It offers Outdoor, Gaming, and Multimedia kiosks solution. Many organizations, shopping malls, hotels, retails stores, hospitals have been used Kiosk in Bangalore manufactured by XIPHIAS and all the customers have provided feedback full of appreciations citing enhanced shopping and information gaining experience.

Business KIOSK designed by XIPHIAS is sincerely a boon to businesses in terms of increased traffic, repeated visits, increased brand value and identity, and enhanced customer experience. Placing the kiosks at strategic places helps in reducing the time a growing business generally takes to spread gradually. They are mostly deployed at places where frequent public gathering happens. It enables businesses to reach out to more numbers of customers with improved product visualization and seamless display of contents, streaming media, video and information. XIPHIAS provides Business KIOSK for sale as well as on rent.

XIPHIAS manufactures IoT based Touch screen kiosk for Healthcare which serves as the most reliable, needed and foolproof mediator between patients and doctors to transfer accurate information to each of them. Touch Screen Kiosk in hospitals offers patients self-check-in service and dispenses the tokens. It also offers a complete medical record of a patient just by entering the registration number or code. The Custom Built Application of XIPHIAS uses Blockchain technology which secures the data and when the information is recorded and encrypted, it becomes immutable. It is, undoubtedly, the best touch screen kiosk for hospital management which provides improved information and enhanced experience among patients and healthcare experts.

Along with the aforementioned kiosk services, XIPHIAS renders Automobile KIOSK service which allows the customers to facilitate themselves with various enhanced services without anyone’s assistance and save their time to a great extent. XIPHIAS also provides Automobile kiosk for sale as well as on rent.

The amazingly manufactured kiosks by XIPHIAS with splendid colour combination gives the premises an attractive look which pulls people and make them curious about the features encompassed. Also the advanced features incorporated in the kiosks provide enhanced service which help people save their time and energy. Kiosks provide great advantages like round the clock facility and quick services which is making it popular day by day.


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