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Which Type Of Home Loan Is Best For First Time Home Buyers

The majority of people require a loan from the bank when it comes to buying the first house.

The majority of people require a loan from the bank when it comes to buying the first house. This loan is known as mortgage and it can be paid off subsequently over the course of years. Purchasing your first home is one of your life's greatest investments. There are government programs that can help you become a homeowner if you plan to buy a home.


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Here the types of loan which are best for the first time home buyers:


  • Closed Mortgage - The Most Popular Option

This is the most popular type of lock-in mortgage. These types of mortgages can not be paid before maturity, renegotiated, or refinanced because that will penalize you. Most closed loans allow some flexibility by giving you the possibility to reimburse the principal via lump-sum payments or by increasing your monthly payment by some percentage. Why therefore choose a product with these limits? Well, for starters, lower interest rates.


Since closed mortgages are much lower than open products, they will attract the average household buyer – provided that there are no major changes in the near future.


  • Open Mortgage

Open mortgage terms range from six months – one year at fixed rates and 3–5 years at variable rates, which are payable without a penalty before maturity. There are also open loans that allow you to convert without penalty to a closed mortgage if necessary.

If you expect a very large amount of money from either an insurance claim, a divorce or a property, you know that you can easily pay the entire mortgage over a short period. An open mortgage may be a good choice.



  • Convertible Mortgages

A convertible mortgage is a flexible choice, which allows you to adjust the form of the loan without a penalty for a period of time. There are a number of conversion mortgage restrictions so please read the fine print.

  • Fixed-Rate

A fixed-rate mortgage will ensure that the interest rate remains constant over the entire life cycle. You know exactly how much your monthly or two-week payments are going to be. Set rates make budgeting and financial planning much simpler, but their rates are typically higher because of their reliability and stability.


Variable Rate

In response to the rise and a decrease in the primary rate, a variable rate mortgage means that your payment amount is fluctuating. This is a good option if you anticipate lower interest rates, if you do not want to pay a premium for a product with a fixed rate, or if you have no doubts about not knowing what your future rate may be.


Blended Rate

Mixed mortgages enable both fixed and variable rates to be utilized. Such types of mortgages are quite individualized and there are no two mixed mortgages. To obtain more information, contact your mortgage broker or bank.


Down Payment Rules

A down payment is normally shown as a% of the value of the property. For instance, $75,000 would be a 15% discount on a home for $500,000. The mortgage would amount to 85% or $425,000, including its balance.

There are rules in Canada about how many people are paid for. The percentage which you have to decrease depends on the home buy price:

  • The minimum down payment is 5 percent for homes less than $500,000.
  • The minimum down payment is 5% from the first $500,000 purchase price and then 10% from the purchase price between $500,000 and $1 million for households with an outlay between $500,000.
  • The minimum down payment is 20 percent for homes with a purchase price of over $1 million.

You can also determine whether or not you need CMHC insurance in terms of the amount of your down payment.

CMHC Insurance.

In Canada, any buyer who is required to purchase default mortgage insurance with a down payment of less than 20 percent also known as CMHC insurance. In the event that your mortgage has defaulted, this protects your lender.


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