Who is the Best doctor Oncologist in Delhi NCR

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma has several years of experience in the field of oncology. He is the one of the Best Oncologist in Delhi NCR and has treated the various cancer patients.

DR.Manoj Sharma: Best Oncologist in Delhi NCR

Over the course of a few years, Cancer has become a common ailment in the country. In fact, according to most reports, Cancer has become one of the most prominent reasons people die today. Most of the time, it is unpredictable for people to understand the stage of cancer, symptoms and the measures to be taken to curb the growth of the ever-growing cancer cells. While there are plenty of Oncologists working continuously to help people with Cancer in India, we found Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma who is the best oncologist in Delhi NCR and the best radiology oncologist in Delhi NCR. Highly qualified and professional in his treatments, Dr Manoj Kumar, a senior consultant and radiation oncologist in Delhi, is reviewed to be the best in Delhi NCR.

Who is Dr Manoj Kumar?

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, a senior consultant, and the best radiation oncologist in Delhi NCR has lived his life working in the field of oncology. Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, an enthusiast at heart and an individual who continuously believes in updating himself to all the latest technologies involved in oncology, has completed his fellowship from New Jersey in Proton Therapy. He is known for his in-depth understanding of cancer and tumors. He believes it is best to understand the core of cancer rather than just writing prescriptions for therapy. Having a multi-disciplinary view along with having consulted people by sitting with various tumor boards, Dr. Manoj Sharma is well celebrated for his knowledge and understanding.

Qualifications, Observer-ship and Training

  • Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma accomplished an M.B.B.S. from B. J. Medical College, Gujarat
  • Dr. Manoj Sharma did his M.S. in Radiation Oncology from the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
  • Doctor Manoj has succeeded in completing a Fellowship in Proton Therapy Procure Proton Therapy Centre, Somerset, New Jersey under the guidance of Dr. Eugen Hug, who is a renowned radiation oncologist in Somerset, New Jersey
  • Doctor Manoj Sharma has completed an AROI-ASTRO teaching course in 2014, at Indore that was based on Head and Neck carcinoma
  • Keeping up with his passion for learning medicine and teaching his juniors, Dr. Manoj Sharma has accomplished the AROI-ASTRO teaching course in 2013 from TMH, Mumbai

Accomplishments of Dr Manoj Kumar

  • Apart from having a successful career heading the team of Oncology in Fortis and carrying out radiation for several patients, Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma has published many papers in International and National Publications
  • Dr. Manoj Sharma also presented a live Head and Neck Tumor Contouring Session in RGCON 2015

Why should you choose Dr Manoj Sharma for Radiation Oncology in Delhi?

Dr. Manoj Sharma is a renowned and best radiation oncologist in Delhi NCR is an MBBS and MD in Radiotherapy

He also holds an experience of 17 years as a specialist

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma is known for his curiosity and passion towards oncology that drives him to help as many struggling patients as he can

Dr. Manoj has spent plenty of years working in the field of oncology, researching and learning new and innovative techniques in Oncology

He has a passion of studying cancer using different ways and methods as a multi-disciplinary perspective 

He prefers to carries out a lot of researches in the field of Radiation Oncology and oncology as a whole

Patients who consulted him have reviewed him as a great doctor who explains in details about radio therapy. Some even mentioned about his honesty and professional responses with explanations that make sense to patients with cancer

Services Offered by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma for Cancer Treatment in Noida

  • IMRT- Intensity Modulated Radio Therapy
  • IGRT- Image Guided Radio Therapy
  • SBRT- Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy
  • Breast Cancer Management
  • Treatment of Central Nervous System Tumors
  • Genitourinary Malignancies

Looking for the best oncologist in Delhi NCR for the most professional cancer treatment in Noida? Fret not! Book your appointment with Dr. Manoj Sharma, Senior Consultant and best radiation oncologist in Delhi NCR. You can find him at Fortis Hospital.

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