AOL Mail Not Working

Why AOL mail facing stopped working problem how to fix this AOL mail not working error

Learn how to fix AOL mail not working and AOL mail not receiving emails related issues...

Reason behind the AOL emailing not working and how to resolve it


AOL emailing service is one of the popular emailing services whose features and functions have been operated by the Verizon. This communication facility of this emailing service is much better than other emailing services. This is genuine truth that this emailing service offers many fruitful functions to end-users that give the optimum benefits to you at all. The main vision of this emailing service is to deliver some meaningful message to you. For sending your message and retrieval from other users, you can get the facility of reading and receiving message. In case you are facing difficulty to see the sending and receiving message, then there is high probability that certain problem has been occurred due to some specific reason. As a result, AOL emailing not working and you can use the most suitable function at all.   While facing this type of technical errors, you should not lose your mind as some imperative troubleshooting steps help you to take away the problem.

 Fix the problem related to emailing receiving, one should not worry for this purpose. There might be chance that you have logged in AOL emailing account and read the mail. In the controversial side, there might be possibility that you have not achieved the new mail yet. This is very embarrassing thing that recipient will say that they have sent new mail to new user. However, they do not get quick response at this time.  This situation takes place while AOL mail not receiving email, That’s why it is important that you must follow something to fix this problem. It may be related to check your filter report, learn the delivery delay and check the mail in spam folder.

Check out what happening in filter: First of all, you must check out the Filter of AOL email as concerning material is bypassed into your mail box.  You are on the verge of AOL mail not receiving email for long time. Also, there is high possibility that your mail in either sent to spam folder or different folder. Thereby, it is expected to check out the filer to make full assurance that all messages are organized correctly or not.

Need to learn about what delay happen: There is the high frequency that all messages are delivered to right way. Of course, there is rare option as you some delay to transit the message. This type of error in AOL emailing account as there is some problem in server, massive internet traffic and routing problem. Waiting for this email is not the best idea even though you do not determine the message is delivered or not. To take way this problem, you need to request to send same AOL emailing again to see its prosperity.

Check your spam folder to verify this fact whether correct email arrived in your mail box:

In case you do not find the exact mail in your spam folder whose you looking for, then it would be genius step that you must remark it as the not spam.

  1. Register in AOL email account to be its member
  2. Thereafter, you would have to reach the left panel of AOL dashboard sign up.
  3. Now, you must select the option that message is not as the spam.
  4. Select not as the spam not the top position of dashboard panel

Get the solution problem related to image attachment does not work at all.


This is the general thing that it is seen that your emailing oriented image attachment cannot browse anymore. Having gone through such circumstance, you does not lose hope how to seen the successful attachment view on your AOL emailing inbox.

Try again later: There is no need to say that everything will be available on the internet and none of you want to take the direct help of technician. Try and error method would be beneficial to take away the maximum problem sets. If you try each and everything as much as you can, then you not get the glimpse of seeing image. At time, it is good to try later because your AOL emailing server goes through heavy load. Due to having the excessive server load, there image could not be read at accurately.  This type of problem can be resolve through waiting for the long time.

 As per technical point of view, you must check out this the image format does not in the incorrect format sets. Seeing the image view would be quite difficult in case it format is in the tiff format. Thereby, it is suggested that you must change the format either in JPEG or tiff format.

Check the attachment: For the full clarification of your concerned image, you must see the attachment rather than embedded image. That’s why it is suggested that you should have to download that image which has been needed to view.

Do reset of the web browser: Working with many web browser does not allow to do work in the clear and concise manner.  Thereby, there is going the full provision of doing reset of general setting. But, you should not do any setting change of the web browser.

Clear the browser’s cache: All of know this fact that cookies will store the little bit of information in your browse. This provides the facility load quick information of the website. By connecting this service, you can access the website more quickly. Many times, it is seen that this website has the loading error failure. Hence, it is expected that you must clear the cookies so unwanted errors does not lead you slow time of website opening.

Need to fix problem for not arrived mail: Most of the time, it has been observed that some AOL main is missing due go some unexpected reasons. Some of the most consistent reasons are wrong message in the wrong folder, problem in third party emailing setting. Another reason that you’re AOL mail not working due to some activities.

Check your other folder as well: Before getting frustrated, you must have to check this thing missing mails domicile does not lie in other folder. In case you go through this problem, then you would have marked those emails as the spam. Now, you must make sure what should need to mark as the spam and filter.

Check your account emailing account: This event takes place as this missing email lies in AOL emailing account which connects with many client emailing applications.  This situation comes across dues that some setting has been deleted from AOL emailing account. So, you must get aware of this thing how to avoid of having deleted AOL emailing setting at all.

Conclusion: All of the above reasons are accounting for not permitting AOL emailing account to do work in the imperative manner. Moreover, this write gives the full information what troubleshooting tips would be helpful for getting the best results. In case you have the confusion how to deal maximum sets of technical error in AOL emailing account, then you can take the instant suggestion with our expert. They will tell the right way to get rid of certain problem or not. This is the better option that you would have to dial toll free for instant error recovery at all. Feel free to connect with us.


 Write down how to setup AOL account for outlook


According to facts and figures, outlook is one of the oldest mails. AOL used for the standard emailing functions as you have to access something extraordinary from rest of the people. But, this does not mean that you will keep the outlook emailing configuration on the silent stage.  A number of things can do these emailing applications. You can maintain your do to list, jolt down document and other notes and other useful tools. With the collaboration of outlook emailing account, you can easily manage the AOL emailing account. AOL has the inclusion of the IMAP access which eases out the process of managing the outlook emailing account in just a few seconds.

This instruction is not applicable in the oldest outlook emailing versions. In case you are curious about to add AOL mail account in outlook, then you need to use the latest outlook emailing versions only. It may take the inclusion of outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions. For getting the hassle free AOL emailing accounting service in this emailing id, you need to connect with office 365.

  1. Go to outlook emailing option and can choose the file option from menu.
  2. Now, you would have to reach on left pane and make sure that information is selected or not.
  3. Henceforth, you need to type AOL email address and click on connect option.
  4. Once AOL emailing address completes, you must choose AOL emailing password and click on connect option.
  5. If everything happens well, then you must click on done.
  6. By doing so, your AOL emailing account is now active and you can easily download the message in your account.

How to do manual setting of AOL emailing account:


Most probable session of outlook emailing account is 2010 and 2013

It depends upon you how to add AOL emailing account to outlook 2010 and 2013 respectively.  For getting such feasible result, you need to follow server details and do some additional steps as well. These steps make some resemblance with Microsoft office outlook 2010 and 2013. You can get some variations in these steps

Noted point: It would be mandatory that AOL emailing server and port has the some rich details. Now, you would have to do change in ports. Now, you would have to manual setting in your account.

Incoming mail server:, port 993

Outgoing mail server:, port 465

This mail server demands authentication so that there should not come any problem to proceed this AOL mail settings for outlook service.


Let us engage in the solid step to do work properly


  1. First of all, you would have to click on file information either in outlook 2013 or 2010.
  2. After a while, you have to click on add account.
  3. Now, it is the best option that you would have to click on the radio button which is aligned manual setup and additional server type. Here, you need to focus on this fact that this message will be quite different in outlook 2010. This is regarded as the manually configure server setting and additional server type.
  4. Next step is that you would have to select the radio button labeled as the POP and IMAP. Now, you need to click on next button.
  5. Having reached in the POP and IMAP setting, you must have to select the account type. Now, you have to select the IMAP from the drop down list.
  6. It is your turn that you would have to complete all remaining fields in the account setting. Now, you must have to enter your name, emailing address and AOL emailing address.
  7.  Here you need to feed name, AOL email address, incoming mail server record, for creating user names you must use
  8. It is the best option that you would have to fill AOL account password.
  9. Click on more setting.
  10. Click on the outgoing server and check that outgoing server box demands some authentication.
  11. After that, you need to proceed on the advanced tab.
  12. Maintain the server setting of IMAP and SMTP setting. Now, you would have to click on dropdown menu and select the server.
  13. Fill numeric value 993 in IMAP server.
  14. Fill numeric value 465 in outgoing server.
  15. Now, you would have to click on ok button.
  16. It is the nice step that you would have to go on add account window and click on next option. By initialing this process, you can easily fill everything accurately.
  17.  In case everything gets complete, you will able to do account setting.

Conclusion: As far as it is the concern of doing the AOL emailing setting in outlook emailing account regardless of version, you can go through the best response in own way. However, you can take the help of AOL emailing support team to manage their performance. They have the full ability to diagnose the cause of failure in this emailing service.

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