commercial office space in Andheri East

Why Choose Commercial Office Space in Andheri?

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The area plays a crucial role in purchasing a property. Nowadays, in Mumbai, people spend most of their time in offices rather than at home. As we all know, Mumbai is India's commercial capital, and many people from different states come to Mumbai to succeed.

These days, Andheri is a popular suburb where every business is booming. So, if you plan to buy a commercial office space in Andheri East, this is a big benefit.

Let us learn some benefits for office space in Andheri

People choose commercial office space in Andheri east as this suburb has every accessibility, such as a comfortable house, transport, and airport. Andheri is situated in the middle of Mumbai, and it has been developing over the years.

Transport facilities are readily available in Andheri, so many people do not have trouble reaching the office from their home. The main reason is to buy commercial office space in Andheri East because of their easy connectivity everywhere.

Andheri is also developed in terms of infrastructure. It also has its railway connectivity in central, western, and harbor lines. One of the significant benefits of Andheri is its famous 'metro line.' The metro connects Andheri to Ghatkopar, where people can travel from one destination to another in less than 25 minutes. On the other hand, if you go by road simultaneously, it will take 3 hours.

Reason Why Andheri is the best option for commercial office space

Many new and old business people have settled in Andheri as the city is a favorite place. People like a place where they easily travel around and reach the office, in a club or a restaurant. For people buying or renting a commercial space in Andheri is the best option as it is well-developed and gives them financial stability.

When you start a property search in Mumbai, you look for some significant key points that give you long term benefits in the property market. Commercial office space in Andheri east has many profits for builders and owners as many industries are growing. Many high profile business people come to this city to grow their business. Andheri is famous not only for commercial sectors but also for the close connectivity of transport.

From Bollywood stars to cricketers, most celebrities live in Andheri; many started their organizations. People prefer to work in Andheri because of high profile companies. A traveler always prefers Andheri station as they get hassle-free transportation to anywhere.

Due to rapid business growth, people are more attracted to Andheri. Government and private builders are given their best creativity for building schools and colleges, tourist places, glass facades, and many other things.

Another reason is that Andheri is ideal for buying a property due to Juhu beach and Mahakali caves, Lokhandwala market, and Film City. For the first time, a person who enters the Andheri suburb starts falling in love with this suburb. Andheri has many hotspots, big companies, shopping streets, beaches, and many more, So people do not find any negative point to buy commercial space.


Here we come to the end of the article; we discussed some of Andheri's commercial properties' significant benefits. Buying commercial properties has always been beneficial for the people as Andheri is growing in many ways. It would be best if you look for many options before selecting any of the properties.

The Chandak Group is always renowned for providing office space in Andheri for all types of businesses. For more information, visit

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