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Why Marketing Automation Is A New Chant Of Success For Businesses?

Marketing automation is an amazing tool for marketers to save their time and efforts to keep the leads'interest at bay. From email marketing to advertising by retargeting, it turns out to be quite successful.


Be it converting leads, driving more revenues, email marketing, or PPC campaign, the life of a digital marketer is very hectic. The constant race to succeed is tiresome, and you continuously need ideas to attract your customers. With digitisation, there are many new tools and techniques to ease out the process.

Now imagine this, every time you purchase an online course, subscribe to someone's blogs, or buy a new item from an e-commerce website, you get an email right away within seconds. Do you think someone is sitting all day and night to respond to thousands of such activities via email or notification? No, mate!

All this work is of Marketing Automation. It is a marketing technique where automated software is used which are triggered by some activities such as subscription, form filling, purchase of an item, etc. SMS, Email, Social Media, retargeting are some of the techniques in marketing automation. You can say that the sole purpose of this automation is to ease the manual marketing steps to save some time.

Why is it a success?

Marketing Automation is efficient, making the marketer complete the tasks effectively. It helps your leads to nurture in a personalised manner. It leads to better customer communication. The more you take care of your leads, the more revenue you will earn. If your leads start to like your personalised messages, then you will get success in the longer run. It also allows you to analyse the process and results.

Different kinds of Automation in Marketing

There are different kinds of marketing automation techniques in Digital marketing, such as Email marketing automation, Social media marketing automation, advertising automation, Mobile marketing automation, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Email Marketing automation – It is one of the most common techniques used in automation. It is triggered by time and action. Welcome emails, re-engagement emails, and post-purchase emails are some of the examples. Remember getting an email wishing you a happy birthday from your favourite brand? Or getting an email an hour after adding some items to cart to remind you to purchase them before they are sold out? All these are a part of email marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Automation –You can use social media to schedule posts, target audiences according to the demographics, monitor filters, and analyse the results and automate a response on DMs.

Advertising automation works by retargeting users who visits your website and leaves after a while. Next, the automation will lead to the user viewing similar ads on their social media feeds. Based on consumer's behaviour and actions, it automatically started showing ads everywhere to remind the user to buy these products.

Mobile Marketing Automation – This includes SMS marketing, where advertisers target users based on time and action. Many marketers have started using this technique for automation. Example – you ordered something on an e-commerce site, as soon as you place an order, you get an SMS telling you that your order has been placed successfully and will be delivered in 2 days.

CRM and Marketing Automation – CRM or Customer Relationship Management is used to manage internal tasks such as sending alerts to the team regarding new updates, lead generation, for email workflows, etc.

Strategy to get what you want

To strategise the automation techniques, you would have to consider some essential things for the best possible practices. First, you need to know your audience and customers to understand what they enjoy and what they need. You have to feed on their pain spots and fulfil your marketing goals. Use automation to track out your leads' journey. This way, you can know what can drive them towards you. You have to know what might attract those leads to help you in revenue generation.

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In the Nutshell

Marketing automation is one of the best techniques to make the markets sit back and relax. It helps you to make the process quick and attract users or visitors to become leads. It allows you to save money, time, and efforts to go after every customer or lead to keep their interest in your service or product. You know that at the end of the day, you need to keep your customers happy and their lives easier.


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