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Why Should I Outsource my Bookkeeping for my Business?

I’m trying to save money and get good bookkeeping why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

In the last twenty years the advances of technology have been both huge and fast and they have provided countless opportunities that are evident everywhere in society.

The concept of information stored online or on a server has especially become both quicker and more efficient and servers have also developed a higher capacity of storage.

Many more common industries have tapped into technological advances such as this and bookkeeping is one of them outsourcing your bookkeeping has proven to be an effective option for your company.

The answer to the question “why should I outsource my bookkeeping” is both simple and makes you wonder why you didn’t try outsourced bookkeeping in the first place.

Remote bookkeeping is superior to in-house bookkeeping in aspects of cost efficiency speed and service by offering you far more for far less.

With outsourced bookkeeping you get all of your precious financial data stored on a secure server that you have immediate access to and you get all of your books done saving you the hassle.

There’s more to outsourced bookkeeping than just the location of your data however with remote bookkeeping you get a full team of employees working together to get your bookkeeping done making the process faster.

In addition the entire team can offer you many more services that relate to your bookkeeping like working on your reconciliations paying your bills preparing you for taxes completing your payroll etc.

You get to pick whatever optional services you want giving you the flexibility of being more or less involved in your business and allowing you to get a lower quote.

The cost doesn’t matter however the services added will still be more inexpensive than an in-house bookkeeper and you get so much more for your money allowing you to expand your business however you see fit.

How Do I Outsource my Bookkeeping?

The process of outsourcing your bookkeeping is fairly simple and normally just requires you to decide how you want your service to behave you can set up a service that gets you involved in your bookkeeping or you can have the outsourced bookkeeping company do most of your financial work and keep you in the loop.

Normally when you first talk to the outsourced bookkeeping company you run through a list of services that are either given or optional.

For instance you can get financial reports sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis you can have your bills paid for you you’re reconciliations checked to confirm they cleared and more.

Once the services are chosen the outsourced bookkeeping business places a file on your computer that gives you direct access to the server.

From there the outsourced bookkeeping company does the rest doing your books and placing the data on the server as fast as possible and completing any other services you requested.

All of the data is easy to access and you can set your service up so you can access the data from a different computer laptop or even a tablet or smart phone.

You can even get a password system set up for employees who need access to the information.

The entire service is designed to be convenient to you so if you’re having any trouble or issues outsourced bookkeeping businesses have help desks you can call for assistance.

And if you decide you want to be involved in your bookkeeping you can have the remote bookkeeping company train you and/or your employees.

Saving Money Why Should I Outsource my Bookkeeping?

Perhaps one of the main reasons you should outsource your bookkeeping is for the money you save.

It may surprise you to know that outsourced bookkeeping will offer you more services for less money versus in-house bookkeeping and another surprising fact is that outsourced bookkeeping can save you tens of thousands of dollars!

With in-house bookkeeping you get standard services full-service bookkeeping sales and meals tax services and some other service may be offered but they’re not guaranteed and normally cost more money.

For a full-time bookkeeper you’ll pay north of $40000 annually and a part-time bookkeeper will cost around $35000 annually and offer you less in the terms of services than a full-time bookkeeper.

With outsourced bookkeeping you get quite a few services while some are optional like having custom conduits built in your software others are given to you automatically like having your information on a server.

With no services added on and just the flat bookkeeping you’ll pay around $300 a month saving you ten times the amount you’d pay for another bookkeeper every year!

Even with all of the services added on there’s a max of under $20000 a year still saving you over $10000 every year.

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Is it Safe to outsource my Bookkeeping?

Many worry that the one downside of remote bookkeeping is putting their information in the hands of a staff that in turn puts the data on a server.

However having your information on a server is not only highly secure but it’s also extremely convenient for you and opens the door for the extra services remote bookkeeping offers.

Without the server not only would you not get the extra services done as fast as possible but you also wouldn’t get 24/7 access to your data updated as fast as possible.

Luckily outsourced bookkeeping uses a server hosted at a data centre that copies all the data to offsite locations giving you multiple backups in different places.

That way a total loss of data is impossible. Plus remote bookkeepers like Remote Quality Bookkeeping of Bridgewater Massachusetts will take out a cyber insurance policy to ensure that you’re covered.

Companies like RQB have also taken to following their state’s cyber security laws to the letter ensuring that their servers are completely proficient.

They also have high-end staffs too consisting of employees with experience in accounting and talented in multitasking.

All employees are vetted and sign a non-disclosure policy to ensure that they work their hardest to keep your data completely secure.

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Conclusion Why Should I Outsource my Bookkeeping?

Countless business owners struggle over the financial part of their business specifically they look for efficient ways to get their bookkeeping done.

Considering hiring a bookkeeper can cost a good amount of money yearly and doing your own bookkeeping isn’t very viable getting the right bookkeeping setup for your company can be a challenge.

Your best option may be to use a remote bookkeeping service to getting your bookkeeping done and getting assistance in all things financial.

Outsourced bookkeeping has many more advantages compared to in-house bookkeeping from the numerous services you get to the high amount of money you save.

Plus with top-notch remote bookkeepers like Remote Quality Bookkeeping of Massachusetts you get their decades of experience all at a surprisingly low cost.

Businesses like RQB have mastered running their servers at the most efficient rate possible with none of the downsides and RQB in particular has been using the cloud for years.

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