Why use the Case Combine?

Farming has been considered an occupation involving physical labor needing lot of time and effort. Farmers used to toil on the field throughout the year to harvest crops and make money from them. Farming was considered difficult work until mechanization arrived. The use of equipment made farming easy reducing physical effort and saving time. One of the most powerful equipment is the case combine harvester. The harvester is unique machinery that blends three different processes in it – winnowing, threshing, and reaping. It helps farmers to increase their output and quality.

The Combine Harvester

The case combine harvester is equipment made by the Case Corporation and the International Harvester. This mechanized harvester makes the farmer’s work easier. It uses advanced technology with a cooling system that keeps the equipment running for more time. The process of harvesting that used to be difficult and time consuming is made easier with the use of the combine harvester from Case. Using concaves and other parts enhance the utility of this equipment.

Why use this combine?

The case combine offers multiple benefits for farmers. It is a one-time investment that brings in good returns allowing the farmer to improve his profitability. The benefits of this equipment are:

1) It improves efficiency of the harvesting processing by allowing a larger quantity of grain to be harvested in lesser time.

2) The harvesting process can be done smoothly by separating the stalk and chaff thus ensuring better quality of yield.

3) Improved yield quantity and quality help the farmer get higher income, helping in increasing profitability.

4) The combine can be used to harvest multiple crops. This makes it convenient for the farmer to use the same combine on different crops.

5) The combine engine comes with a higher capacity. This ensures better performance. The fuel efficiency is also higher than other models. This leads to savings in terms of money and allows farmers to use the equipment for longer periods without needing to stop for refueling.

6) The equipment is modern made using latest technology. This allows for easy maintenance reducing time and costs on maintenance.

7) Crop loss occurs during the harvesting process that can lead to loss in money. A combine can help in reducing crop loss, which is beneficial for the farmer.

8) During the busy harvesting time, it saves manpower and time for the farmer, allowing the farmer to do other activities thus saving on time.

9) The equipment has an auger bed that is larger in size. This allows for more grain to be collected at a time, thus improving efficiency.

10) The machine can be operated in cut mode as well as spread mode with just the switch of a button. This saves a lot of time for the farmer/operator.

There is no doubt that the case combine harvester offers a great return on investment. This is why farmers across the world are using this harvester along with concaves to improve their productivity and efficiency and make more money.