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Why Vein Doctor California Use Laser Treatment?

The symptoms of the varicose vein are majorly shown when you get older. You feel annoyed and your legs may get swollen.

The symptoms of the varicose vein are majorly shown when you get older. You feel annoyed and your legs may get swollen. Most of the American population experienced this situation and went to the veins specialist California for treatment. Well, yes the treatment eliminates the disease from its roots successfully.



The professionals help the patient by treating them successfully by the laser treatment. Well, it is painless and has advanced techniques such as (EVLA) endovenous laser ablation. Almost every veins center California uses laser treatment. The doctor here recommends that the endovenous laser ablation is safe and secure to eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins.



Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) Process Described:


The laser treatment is effective in reducing varicose veins. This process is quite harmful and due to this, it is performed by certified vascular and interventional radiologists doctors. The physician first gives an anesthetic so that the patient could not feel what is happening. After this, the expert sanitizes the infected area and makes the incision. This helps them to allow the laser to enter the vein through a catheter. They also use ultrasound techniques during the procedure to provide a map, it helps the surgeon to check where the laser should be applied. After this, laser fiber uses the heat to close the vein properly to prevent the blood flow in the body. Once the process stops the physician applies a bandage for internal healing. The whole process of varicose vein treatment California takes a minimum of 20 minutes to approx an hour.

The specialist also gives the instructions that the patient must follow to recover as soon as possible. Here is the list of guidance:


  • Avoid strenuous activity

The patient must avoid all the activities that require more effort as it can lead to injury.


  • Avoid long periods of sitting

After the treatment, the patient must avoid traveling or going to the office as a long time of sitting can increase the risk and can cause circumstances.


  • Wear compression socks

A patient must use the compression socks after the treatment as it can help them in recovering.


The vein doctor California tells that the laser treatment does not cause any harm to the body and it is totally safe for the patient. After the endovenous laser ablation, veins gradually shrink and disappear over time. It is a long-term solution and according to the studies the varicose veins do not return till a year after the treatment.

This procedure has ample benefits to the patient like:


  • No hospitalization

The patient need not go to visit the vein center again and again.


  • Short recovery time

The varicose vein treatment California assures you a short recovery time.


  • Little to no scarring

There are no harm or side effects in the procedure and it is totally safe.


  • Relief from symptoms

The patient can get 100% satisfaction from the varicose vein California and one need not worry about the symptoms.



This is all about the endovenous laser ablation [EVLA]. The vein doctor California says that the laser treatment is successful and the patient has no complaints in the past history. You can go with this treatment smoothly to recover sooner.



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