Winter Driving

Cars are built to be tough and last for several years while providing comfort and performance.

Cars are built to be tough and last for several years while providing comfort and performance. Generally, a car can be used reliably during the spring, summer and autumn months without any issues. Winter, however, is another story. When driving in subzero temperatures, slippery road conditions, and potential poor visibility, vehicle owners must make all necessary preparations to ensure safety on the road.

It is also especially dangerous to drive in winter if you are a truck driver. Accident risks are increasing. Therefore, before becoming a driver, they first take special courses for training drivers .
After all, if the person who drives the truck does not have proper training, then his trip may end in an accident.

The perils of winter driving are numerous. Freezing temperatures can cause your car’s engine to fail and your fuel to freeze. Meanwhile, roads slick with ice can prevent regular tires from gripping the surface, potentially causing a fatal accident. Snow, particularly blizzards, cause near-zero visibility, and crashes are common when these happen.

The antifreeze mechanism is a car’s lifeline during the winter months. This protects components and fuel from freezing over. Make sure that the radiator contains a mix of 50% water and 50% antifreeze, and that the radiator is full. Luckily, there are a lot of repair centers and shops that can check if this mixture is correct. They can also replace fluids for a small fee.

During winter, tires can spell the difference between staying on the road and falling off a cliff. Winter is therefore not the time to scrimp on proper tire care. Tires that are fully prepped for the worst winter conditions can provide traction when all other tires fail. Alternatively, buy brand-new tires which can be found at a shop that provides tire and auto service Burlington dealers recommend.

Wipers do more than just keep the windshield in the rain. During the winter months, they clear away snow and debris that can obstruct visibility. Dealers of car accessories and auto service Burlington shops endorse advise customers to get brand new wipers during the winter. They are generally more efficient at removing clutter from the windshield and operate more silently. Moreover, they don’t leave any trails that can impede visibility.

To feel more confident when driving in winter, you can take special courses for driving in winter conditions. However, these courses can be expensive, especially if you want to drive trucks. Fortunately, there is now a lot of information on the Internet on how to raise money for driver training courses. And after reading these materials, you will be able to properly prepare for the courses.

Shops that are concerned with auto repair Burlington customers trust also advise car owners to ensure that brakes are in great shape. They are especially necessary during the winter, in order to avoid accidental slips and fatal collisions. Brake pads, rotors and discs should be checked and replaced as necessary.

Check the wiper blades. They should clean off dirt well and not leave streaks. Add fluid to the washer fluid reservoir and take an anti-freeze canister in reserve.


Check the operation of the rear window defroster and side mirrors. Look at the work of headlights, including high beam and fog lights. Replace blown out bulbs. These are the most important elements to maximize your visibility in bad weather. Also keep an automotive glass defroster spray and plastic scraper in the car.

Modern cars are packed with advanced heating and ventilation systems. Do not neglect them. But before using them for their intended purpose, it is a good idea to read the instructions, because, as practice shows, even motorists who have owned cars for several years often do not know about the whole variety of the functionality of their car.

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