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Wonderful Poha Combinations for the Whole Week

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Poha is one of the most enjoyable breakfast meals for most Indians. Apart from its great taste, its appetising nature is another reason why we like munching on it almost inevitably a few times a week.

In full, it is called Kanda poha; the dish can be traced to the state of Maharashtra. However, with time and experimentation, poha or rice flakes have gained various regional accents. The Indori poha, for example, is one such newer iteration that reflects the traditional sense of Madhya Pradesh and carries the signage of Indore's snacking tradition.

Although Kanda Poha is great at tinkling one's taste buds, other rice flakes preparations can also add to your list of daily delicacies. Below are seven recipes of Indori poha that you can try every day for seven days and make your morning meal very satisfying.

Sunday: Sambhar poha

A wonderful dish originating somewhere from south India is made from an integral south Indian flavourful curry, the sambhar. All you've got to do is add some Indori poha in it until the flakes fully soak the sambhar. Fry the mixture after adding some fresh, green chillies, coriander (dhania) and your meal are ready.

Monday: Mingle poha

Monday blues can be the biggest impediment in getting back to work or leaving home in the first place. The slightly tangy in state Mingle poha can be a great taste to begin your day and get into a good mood. Just add some chillies, soya sauce and oregano flakes to the Indori poha and cook the preparation on high flame.

Tuesday: TikhaTadka poha

Spicy hot poha is more fun than the regular savoury one. Add red chillies, especially in the dried form, cumin seeds (jeera) and as much onion you like. Add some lemon juice as per the need once the dish is ready. Adding this tadka can be the best way of starting your day full and satiated.

Wednesday: Poha-e-laban

Although a dish rarer than most other poha recipes, the poha-e-laban is a Sindhi dish; it is a wholesome meal. Unsweetened yoghurt or curd is the most copiously used ingredient in this dish after the poha is. You can also add kachumber or raita to add some taste and nutritious value to the dish.

Thursday: Manglorean Poha

The place where the dish traces its ancestry, i.e., Mangalore, is known for adding some coconut, red chillies, cumin seeds, tamarind, jaggery and coriander seeds in a single combination and turning it into a chutney. Mangaloreans also mix some muster seeds' oil and curry leaves with the chutney and add the whole preparation to poha.

Friday: Jumma Josh Poha

A Kashmiri dishis known for its great taste and appetising nature; the Jumma Josh Poha or Rogan Josh is a delightfully spicy and savoury dish. It inevitably requires a range of condiments like cloves (laung), cardamom (elaichi), bay leaves (tejpatta), chillies and saffron (kesar) for its preparation.

Saturday: Summer Special poha

It is not just about adding loads of mint and coriander leaves to your Kanda poha; it is much more than that. It adds real taste and delight to every morsel you take. Sprinkling some lemon juice will greatly increase the taste.

Final Thoughts

Poha is an integral part of our morning meals, if not daily, then at least once or twice a week. The recipes in this list will help you explore the great versatility of flaked rice, i.e., poha. You can also buy poha online from a reputed dealer like Indore Online - Once you buy Indori poha online, you can rest assured about the dealer's great taste and quality.

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