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XPay Life- Your True Friend for Utility Bill Payments

oing Landline Bill Payment online helps you in maintaining a track on your payments & expenses. Paying through cash has become old-school practice now, but still few folks prefer paying bills offline.

We have seen a remarkable growth in the number of online transactions during the on-going Pandemic era. A huge number of online transactions are done by people. Spread of Covid-19 forced the people to stay back at home and avoid meeting anybody. The preventive measure of the disease is to avoid as much human contact as you can. Hence, lockdown was imposed. That led to a huge hike in the number of online payments. Online payments can be done from the comfort of your home.

They say, every coin has two sides. Similarly, online payment modes also has two coins. First is it is an easy method of payment, second is if the online payment platform is not a safe one then people might have to suffer losses. XPay Life is the safest & Best Bill Payment App In India. Its blockchain technology makes the payments safe and secure and is resistant to any change in the stored customer data. It is made up of AMBIC model – Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Cloud storage.

People preferred doing Electricity Bill Payment Online to avoid the hassle of paying bills in person. Going personally to the service provider’s office and clearing all your bills is so out of fashion now. It used to be a very time-consuming process. But with XPay Life, there is no need to skip your lunch hours in paying utility bills. Online payment methods are a lot easier and usually take only 2-3 minutes. They are trustworthy as after the payment, an e-receipt is generated which is provided to the customer via app, message and email.

Doing Bajaj Finserv EMI Payment Online is beneficial as XPay Life App keeps a record of your recurring monthly bills. It gives you regular reminders before the arrival of due dates. This feature of the app has been proved to be very helpful as many people tend to forget the due date and they often miss it, resulting in additional charges for late payment of bills. But XPay Life has been there for such people and saved them from late charge payments. Now pay only for how much you have used. No late fees, no extra charges!

Doing Landline Bill Payment online helps you in maintaining a track on your payments & expenses. Paying through cash has become old-school practice now, but still few folks prefer paying bills offline. People from rural areas mostly prefer cash payments as they are computer illiterate and do not have smartphones. They mostly depend on others for online payments. This might lead to misuse of account details and the person might have to face huge losses. So, it becomes a big obstacle in making India completely digital.

Fret not, as XPay Life is a unique platform which provides all sorts of online payment methods, like Credit/Debit card, UPIs, Net banking, Touch Screen ATP Kiosks. For the people who are not comfortable with cashless transactions, ATP Kiosks are a great help. It accepts payments in the form of cash as well. XPay Life runs Mobile Vans which are well-equipped with Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, a mini ATM Machine and a vending machine which dispenses sanitary napkins and condoms in the rural areas.

These mobile vans are deployed in different villages in the parts of Jharkhand, Bihar, U.P. & Karnataka. Currently, around 250 vans are deployed in the country. These vans have made bill payments a lot easier for the rural customers. No need of going to the cities by taking a day off at work. Rural people can pay all your utility bills like electricity bill, water bill, landline bill, etc.with the help of ATP Kiosks kept inside these vans and if they are run short of money, they can even withdraw money from the mini ATM machines kept inside these vans. They no longer need a DTH Recharge App to get their DTH recharged, instead, ATP kiosks will be helpful in doing the same. These mobile vans are going to help a lot in making India a digitally developed country.

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