Yeast Infection Diet for Men

Yeast Infection Diet for Men – Candida Aggravating Foods to Avoid

Yeast infection Diet: Find out what foods to avoid for yeast infections. Stay away from these aggravating foods at all costs.

The very first thing you should do to get rid of your yeast infection is changing your diet. Candida constantly changes form and lives not only in the affected areas, but in your blood stream, digestive tract and mouth as well. That is why to eliminate it we need to change the environment that caused it to overgrew in the first place.

When it comes to diet and the foods you eat, there are six dietary principles you must follow. In this article I will cover the first one which deals with eliminating foods that feed Candida.

You need to know that Candida thrives on sugar, gluten grains, processed foods, foods that form mucus and all the refined carbohydrates. For a guy it is a bit more difficult to eliminate all of these, but if you can just minimize the intake of these foods, you will stop Candida from multiplying.

Let’s see exactly what are those Candida aggravating foods that you should stay away from at all costs:

Conventional Dairy Products
Dairy products, especially those made out of cow’s milk are the most dangerous yeast infection aggravating foods you can eat. They are responsible for creating allergies, creating heavy mucus and even clogging your intestines as they turn into glue once they pass the stomach.

Things to avoid: milk and cheese, products that contain lactose, milk proteins, whey protein and dry skim milk powder.

A good substitute is sesame seed butter. This is an amazing source of protein and calcium. Other alternative to dairy products is nut/seed milk.

Soy products are also good substitutes, but I have yet to meet a guy who enjoys eating or drinking soy products like soy cheese or soy milk. That’s why I would recommend substituting cow’s milk products with goat and sheep’s milk products. Make sure you take an allergy test before switching to these types of foods.

White Sugar – Pure poison for your body
Candida simply thrives on sugar. So the best and smart thing to do is simple stop eating white sugar. The reason is because processed sugar is a sugar cane that has lost all its fibers and nutrients and it no longer has any proteins, calcium or fat.

White sugar is 100% unrecognized by your body and it depletes it from vitamins and minerals.

Starting today make sure you stay away from foods that contain white sugar. That includes sodas and sweetened fruit drink, and also, avoid all artificial sweeteners.

A good substitute for white sugar is Stevia. It is ten times sweeter than sugar and it doesn’t encourage Candida overgrowth.

White Flour, White Rice, Refined Grains
You should stay away from white flour, white rice, puffed or extruded grains as these turn into a substance that is similar to glue once they enter your digestive tract. They clog your bowels which leads to toxic build-up, resulting in Candida growth

Good alternatives: brown rice, preferably the long version and organic, and whole rye.

Gluten Grains
Rye, wheat, barley, bran and corn are also foods you should avoid, or at least minimize their consumption. You can replace them with whole non-gluten grains such as amaranth, quinoa or buckwheat.

Hydrogenated Oils and Partly Hydrogenated Oils
These are extremely bad for your yeast infection and your overall health. They clog your liver, your spleen, muscles and kidneys and generate lots of toxins in your body.

They are found in margarine, donuts, muffins, salad dressing, candy, cakes, soups, breads, fried foods, mayonnaise, vegetable oil and most processed foods.

Best thing to do is stop eating margarine and all those bad foods and substitute the vegetable oil with pure extra virgin olive oil.

Red Meat and Fatty Meat
Beef and pork meat consists of very dangerous toxins such as uric acid and steroids and it is better if you avoid eating it. I found this very hard to do, because I feel like I have to eat meat, so instead I am consuming organic meat, slow cooked, and I only eat it in small portions at a time.

I also eat a lot of organic chicken and organic fish, which are great substitutes for red meat.

Egg whites, Wheat Products and Yeasty Foods
Yeasty foods (such as yeast, beer, vinegar, yeast extract) are also yeast infection aggravating foods which you should stay away from as much as possible.

The hardest part, as a guy, is to not drink beer anymore. I know it is hard, but if you really want to get rid of your yeast infection then you must refrain yourself form drinking it. Or any alcohol beverages for that matter. Alcohol is another item you should stay away from.

From now on try to make a habit to look at the list of ingredients when you buy a product. If it contains any of the items listed in this article, do not buy it.

The sooner you stop eating these candida aggravating foods the sooner you’ll get rid of those nasty symptoms and you’ll create an environment inside your body that won’t allow the yeast infection to grow anymore.

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