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YesAuto UK How Amazing is Tesla Gear Shifting

The first exposure of the new YesAuto UK Model S screen shift is D/R. Tesla’s new Model S/X cancels the traditional shift mechanism and provides 3 new shifting methods, 1) swiping the screen, 2 ) Paddle the wheel, 3) Change the vehicle by yourself.

The first exposure of the new YesAuto UK Model S screen shift is D/R. Tesla’s new Model S/X cancels the traditional shift mechanism and provides 3 new shifting methods, 1) swiping the screen, 2 ) Paddle the wheel, 3) Change the vehicle by yourself.

The shift operation video of YesAuto UK Tesla’s new Model S and New Model X was exposed on the Internet. It is reported that the new car may provide three gear shifting methods, namely: steering wheel shifting, screen touch shifting, and AI smart shifting. What this article exposes is the screen touch shift video of the new UI interface.

※Tesla screen touch shift shift※.mp4

Tesla's new Model S screen touch shift exposure
【Tesla’s new Model S shifting method】NEW

1. Screen touch shift

Tesla has set a sliding area on the far left of the screen of the V11 version of the software, in which there is a small icon of a vehicle. Press and hold the small icon to move up to the D position, and move down to the R position.

2. The steering wheel shifts gears

In addition to the screen touch shift mode, the right scroll wheel of Tesla's new Model S and Model X also integrates the shift function: long-press and scroll up is D gear, and scroll down is R gear.

3.AI smart shift

The vehicle will automatically determine which gear to switch to in the current situation, without the need for manual operation by the driver.

The shifting operation is performed through the swipe method of the central touch screen, and the traditional shifting mechanism is cancelled (there is no traditional shift lever and the steering wheel rear gear lever), and Tesla once again challenges the traditional driving habits. The screen touch shift has stricter requirements on the system stability of the central large screen.

[Tesla’s new Model S and New Model X are on the market] Review

Before the report on January 28, 2021, Tesla's official website updated the official images of the new Model S and the new Model X. At the same time, the official website of Tesla China also updated the prices of the two new cars; among them, the new Model S Launched 3 models: Long-life version (from 799,900), Plaid version (from 99.999 million), Plaid+ version (from 1,174,900); the new Model X launched two models: long-range version (from 849,900), Plaid version ( From 99.999 million). In addition, the official website shows that the estimated delivery date of the two new cars is the third quarter of 2021.

【New car knowledge points】

1. Appearance aerodynamics optimization

The overall exterior design of the new Model S and Model X still continues the style of the current models, but the exterior has optimized aerodynamic design and is equipped with multiple aerodynamic packages, making the drag coefficient of the new Model S an astonishing 0.208Cd (the new Model X Then reach 0.25Cd). There is another interesting point here. The new Model S is called the "lowest wind resistance on the surface" on the Tesla US official website, and the new Model X is called the "lowest wind resistance SUV on the surface"; due to the Chinese advertising law, it is on the Tesla China official website. There is no related description.

↑New Model S wheels, ↓New Model X wheels

In addition, the two new cars have added two new styles of rims, both of which are very attractive. Including: 19-inch storm wheels and 21-inch spider web wheels, 21-inch optional cost 42,500 yuan. Appearance colors are also available in pure black, pearl white, luminescent silver, deep sea blue and Chinese red. In addition to pure black, an optional fee of 15,000 yuan is required.

2. Comprehensive interior innovation

The interior layouts of the new Model S and Model X are all renewed, and three interior colors are available: black, black + white, and beige.
Large horizontal screen F1 steering wheel, new Model SModel X launched

The most eye-catching is the brand new large central control screen, which adopts a horizontal layout, the screen size reaches 17 inches, the resolution is 2200x1300, the brightness and color fidelity are higher, the response time is shorter, and the left and right tilt angles can be adjusted. , To meet individual needs. At the same time, the instrument panel in front of the driver has also been upgraded to 12.3 inches.

The rear seats of the new car can accommodate three passengers, with more legroom and headroom; the central armrest has a built-in storage box and wireless mobile phone charging function, which can be folded and stored when not in use. The in-vehicle gaming system is equipped with a processor capable of up to 10 trillion floating-point calculations per second, which is comparable to the latest game consoles currently on the market; compatible with wireless control handles, you can enjoy gaming at any seat position.

In addition, according to YesAuto UK Tesla information, the new Model S and Model X will pay more attention to luxury feeling and reflect it in the configuration. Contains: optional 960W 22-speaker audio system, active noise reduction system, hidden car air conditioning system (intelligent adjustment of air circulation mode), standard three-zone temperature control, ventilated front seats, HEPA high efficiency air filter .

In addition, the new car Bluetooth system supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices; standard wireless mobile phone chargers and multiple USB-C fast charging ports, which can replenish power for electronic devices such as laptops.

3. Simplified function control

↑The lighting function is integrated on the left side of the steering wheel

↑Speaker/cruise/wiper/voice control is integrated on the right side of the steering wheel

The two new cars use highly integrated button settings; first, they are equipped with an unprecedented "rectangular" steering wheel, which has no upper half and does not have a lever; at the same time, multiple capacitors are integrated at the handles on both sides of the steering wheel. Buttons and two scroll wheels can realize all driving-related functions.

4. Faster acceleration and improved battery life

The power and battery of the new Model S and Model X are fully upgraded; the acceleration, speed and endurance of the three models of the new Model S are ↓

Comparison of Tesla's new and old Model S
Brand-new models Guide price (RMB 10,000) Endurance range (EPA standard) 100 km acceleration
New long endurance (dual motors) 79.999 663km (estimated) 3.2 seconds
New Plaid (three motors) 99.999 628km (estimated) 2.1 seconds
New Plaid Plus (three motors) 117.49 840+km (estimated) <2.1 seconds
Old models Guide price (10,000 yuan) Endurance range (EPA standard) 100 kilometers acceleration
Upgraded version of the old long battery life 73.39 719km 3.8 seconds
Old Plaid 117.49 840+km (estimated) <2.1 seconds

Long-endurance version: acceleration from 100 kilometers in 3.2 seconds, maximum speed of 250km/h, endurance 663km; Plaid version (three motors, 1020 horsepower): acceleration from 100 kilometers to 2.1 seconds, maximum speed 320km/h, endurance 628km; Plaid+ version (three motors, 1100 horsepower ): 100 kilometers acceleration <2.1 seconds (1/4 mile acceleration <9 seconds), top speed 320km/h, endurance 840+km (+ sign indicates there is room for optimization).

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