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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Mattresses Online

Whether you are looking to buy a single bed mattress online or some other size, it is always good to follow the buying guide to get the right type of mattress. The above tips will further help you to get the best deals online.

It can be a daunting task to choose a mattress with varieties of options available. It is challenging to walk into a store and know which brand is the best, which model will fit you, and what could be a good deal. You can skip the retail mattress buying experience and instead consider buying mattresses online. Online purchasing is convenient as it allows you to browse through various options than you could find in just one store. It also helps you save big instead of a retail purchase whether you want to buy a single bed mattress online or some other size.

Here we will share with you, the mattress buying guide which involves the three basic things like size, material, and comfort level when it comes to purchasing a mattress online.


  1. Size

The size of the mattress must be considered according to the bed size, the number of people using it, width, height, and the comfort required. Mattresses, come with four standard sizes, which are single, double, queen, and king size. Usually, the width of a single bed is 3ft, a double bed is 4 ft, queen size is 5ft, and king size is 6ft. According to the brand, the size may vary a bit, but most of the standard companies follow the same size structure.

2. Material

The mattress material consists of two layers, i.e., the comfort layer and the support layer.


  • Comfort layer – The topmost layer, which is closest to the body, is the comfort layer. It is generally a few inches thick and found above the support core layer of the mattress. It is made up of different types of foam like memory foam, latex foam, and gel foam. It is the most preferred layer when you are buying a king size mattress online or some other size.


  • Support layer – it is the one that provides the prime base and support. It is made up of materials like coir, PU foam, rubberised coir, pocket springs, etc. this layer defines the comfort level of the mattress.

Let us know the key features of different types of foams.


  1. Foam

  • · Easy to handle

  • · Light in weight

  • · Adapts to the body pressure and heat

2. Coir

  • · Has a firm base support

3. Memory foam

  • · Help keep the spine in shape

  • · Retains the shape of the body

4. Spring

  • · Reduces motion transfer

  • · Provides support and comfort

  • · Good value for money

3. Comfort level

Not everyone prefers the same level of comfort when it comes to softness and firmness of the mattress. The comfort level also depends on the sleeping position of the individuals. Among various comfort level, soft, medium, firm, and dual are some of the common types preferred by many users.

Now, let us discuss some of the crucial tips while buying mattresses online.


  1. Look out for reviews

Other customer reviews always help when choosing a mattress online. When you have narrowed down the list of some beds you are interested in, you can read reviews and know what others have an opinion about the comfort level of the mattress. It would be beneficial to know if others have had an awful experience with the mattress type or material.

2. Stick with your budget

When you have a set budget for mattresses, you must look out for mattress in that range itself. Buying king size mattresses online allows you to enter your mattress preferences and select a price point. You could easily find an excellent quality mattress in the price range you are looking for.

3. Cut out the middleman

One of the excellent ways to find a good deal is to buy a factory direct mattress. A company that manufactures and ship directly to customers will price their product lower than the market-retail rate.

Take Away

Whether you are looking to buy a single bed mattress online or some other size, it is always good to follow the buying guide to get the right type of mattress. The above tips will further help you to get the best deals online.

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