Frequently Asked Question
1 Ques:- What is RewardBloggers ?

Ans :- RewardBloggers is Free of Cost Social Blogging Platform which provides the best opportunity to bloggers to share their important information and important Blogs.

2 Ques:- How RewardBloggers works?

Ans:- RewardBloggers provide the best platform with a secure login id ,password , Profile area and perfect subadmin panel for their bloggers to write the qualitative blogs. For more infoabout the steps of working of rewardbloggers just go on How its works page.

3 Ques :- What are top categories on ?

Ans:- Reward Bloggers provide the world’ top searched categories facility on its platform writing the precious blogs and articles.

History, Sports, Lifestyle , nature , Technology, Photography , Movie, Political Issue, Astrology , Defense Updates, Business , Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Wedding, Real Estate, Automobile Sector , Law , Shopping , Culture, Jobs & Career , Economics , Academic ,university etc

4 Ques:- What are the Subcategories on ?

Ans:- Bloggers provide the world’ top searched subcategories facility on its platform writing the important Blogs and Articles.

Indian History , History in Culture ,History Awards ,History in Location , History By Period , History by Period , History by Topic , Historical Geogrphical , History Organizational , Books on History , History Images ,Outlines of History ,Sacred History , Winter Olympics , Football ,Cricket , Tennis ,Cycling , Golf ,Rugby Unioin , TaeKwondo , Badminton , Athletics , Asian Games ,Recepies , Love & Sex , Health & fitness ,Women ,Home & Garden , Family , Food , Yoga , Artificial Intelligence , Programming , DataScience , Cyber Security ,Space Technology, Mobile Technology , Open Source Technology ,Nano Technology ,Medical Technology , Fashion Technology , Cinema Technolgy , Internet & Network Technology , Telecom Technology , natural Photo ,World , Indian Politics ,HollyWood , Boolywood ,Adventure ,Drama , Action , Thriller , Romance ,Mystery ,Animation , Horror ,Comedy ,Comedy-Romance , Action-Romance , SuperHero ,Numerology ,Kundli Gyaan , Kundli Milaan , Nadi Astrology ,Tantra Mantra ,Medical Astrology , Political Astrology , Religion ,Poojan & Remedy ,Gemstone Astrology ,Judicial Astrology ,Mundane Astrology , Cyber Space Program ,Latest Defense News ,Millitary Intelligence ,Security Concerns ,Defense Act , Steel Industry ,Banking Sector ,Agriculture Sector ,Share Market ,Transport Sector etc.

5 Ques:- Does RewardBloggers Provides any SubPanel Part or Subadmin area on its platform for Bloggers?

Ans:- Yes ,RewardBloggers provide an perfect Subpanel area for Bloggers by which they can manage their blogs ,edit blogs,see viewers status ,all blog list ,writing with perfect editor. Bloggers can change their avatar & background wallpaper ,their information details etc .

6 Ques:- Does provides the any Backlink to bloggers for their websites ?

Ans:- Yes , provides the best backlink to bloggers for their website with free of cost, if they have. Bloggers can have a website link at a time of edit profile and at top of info about bloogers link will be shown.

7 Ques:- What is the challenge system on RewardBloggers?

Ans:- Rewardbloggers makes the challenge of blogging world for a particular time for the bloggers and choose a winner of the bloggers and give a prize gift to the winner of the bloggers.

8 Ques:- How to become the Winner of the Bloggers on ?

Ans:- There are many points to become winner of bloggers on

Write the 80% content of the blog with purity and with no Plagiarism.
Write more and more new idea blogs on RewardBloggers.
Create more and more likes on your every blog.
Create more and more viewers on your every blog .
9 Ques:- How to become the Blogger of the Month on ?

Ans:- There is simple method of becoming the Blogger of the month on RewardBloggers.

Write a best new pure idea blog on RewardBloggers daily then you will definitely win the Blogger of the Month Title.
10 Ques:- How to become the Blogger of the Year on ?

Ans:- There is simple method of becoming the Blogger of the month on RewardBloggers.

Write only a single Best New Pure Idea Blog on RewardBloggers daily, then you will definitely win the Blogger of the Year Title.

11 Ques:- Does RewardBlogger Provide any Prize for the winner of the Blogger?

Ans:- Definitely, RewardBloggers provide different types of prize to winner of the bloggers like :- Gift Items , Country Trips and Foreign Trips and prize money also provide , prize depends on the environment of bloggers. Prize will be .

12 Ques:-Can we share any youtube video link or other video links on ?

Ans:- Yes ,RewardBloggers is Social Blogging Platform, you can share your youtube channel link on rewardbloggers into editprofile -> social networks.

13 Ques:- Can we share any Social media Link on

Ans:- Why not , Yes you can share any Social media link on

14 Ques:- How to write a Blog or article on ?

Ans:- For writing a blog on you have to follow some steps.

Just go on Add Blog.
First write the Title of the Blog.
Then, add an image suitable to your blog.
After that, write a 2-3 line short description into short description text editor.
After that , write the complete article or blog in full description Text Editor.
In case , you want to give any Tags,just write the tags related to your blogs in tags text box. which will help your blogs in advance searching.
15 Ques:- What is Live Screen Concept on ?

Ans:- The Most Important thing in RewardBloggers is Live Screen. Live Screen is real time screen which will tell the all Bloggers status like their position in challenge, viewers status, blogs likes etc.

RewardBloggers makes a challenge system for Bloggers and select the Winners of Bloggers who writes the meaningful Blogs or article according to Google Plagiarism Rules and do not go against the Copy Right rule.

Also, RewardBloggers select the Bloggers for the Bloggers of the Month, Bloggers of the Year.