Sometimes, Brother Printer won’t take the printing commands from the computer. Users who use Windows 10 and MAC usually the ones who face this issue the most. But Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide will help you fixing the issue when your Brother printer won’t print. You can fix this issue simply by cancelling all the printing jobs aligned up in the print queue. Follow the steps as per the Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide: First you have to go to the Devices and Printers tab from the control panel. Now, search for the name of your printer and give it a right-click. Click on see what’s printing from the list of options. Now, click on the Printer menu followed by clicking on open as administrator. You have to open the printer’s menu again and click on cancel all documents. Click on yes button, when the dialog box appears for the confirmation. To see whether the issue has been resolved or not, you must try to print a document. If your prints the document correctly then the issue has been resolved.