Is Kotlin The Future of Mobile Apps? - Ace Infoway Kotlin is an official language for Android app development supported by Google. It is a general-purpose programming language created by JetBrains that is used to build modern, secure, and scalable applications. While it offers many benefits over Java as a standalone language, it also works well together with older languages. What makes Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Increasingly Popular for Mobile App Development? 1. No need for a Communication Bridge Between Native and Non-native code 2. Empowers you to Code and Share Platform-Specific Business Logic across Platforms 3. No Restriction on Application User Interface 4. Shorter learning curve 5. Allows you to Develop Truly Native Application Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is the New Player In Cross-Platform Development Kotlin is an awesome language and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile takes it to the next level. Allowing you to create scalable and maintainable apps using a single codebase, Kotlin has successfully registered its name in the cross-platform app development list. Being leading mobile app development company, we provide spectacular end-to-end android app development services. So, whether it’s app development or migration, or upgrade, we are always happy to help! Read Full Aricle: