Which Max and Lilly’s furniture is environmentally friendly? Which Max and Lilly’s furniture is environmentally friendly? The Max and Lilly brand offers products that are eco-friendly. They use nontoxic paint, wood, or other materials for their kid's furniture. Lilly Pulitzer furniture is environmentally friendly because they use fabric from their own cotton fields in many of their offerings. In addition, the furniture is low-waste with minimal off-gassing and lead time after production. Max and Lilly were founded in 1993 by Max Drexler and Christie Leigh Luebbers in a garage on a New Orleans street corner. The business grew quickly with major stores worldwide including Bloomingdales, Barney's, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel. Max And Lilly Kids has become one of the fastest-growing children’s lines available thanks to its signature fabrics & textures that come directly from cotton grown on our private farm in South Carolina." The company creates sustainable designs for children. How do I contact Max and Lilly? You can email maxandlilly@gmail.com asking your questions regarding customerservice@maxandlillykids.com. Their customer support team will be happy to assist you regarding any queries related to Shipping & Delivery, Payment Options, Guarantee, or Refunds & Returns. Answer: Children's furniture brands Max and Lilly have the widest variety of children's furniture available. Their products range from cribs to toy chests, with many different designs, finishes, and colors at affordable prices. Most people are very skeptical about buying their first set of baby or child furniture because they don't fully comprehend what pieces are necessary for their little one. The easiest way to find this is by perusing the internet- there is no shortage of shelves on which you'll be able to find everything that you need available for purchase through just a few clicks. And thankfully, your risks with these sites are limited thanks in large part to today's extensive warranties offered by most sellers, distributors, and manufacturers! Where can Max and Lilly’s furniture be purchased? Max and Lilly are sold online, in specialty boutiques, and through trusted retailers. We are also proud to be one of the few manufacturers that make eco-friendly kids’ furniture - made with your future painter or baker in mind. Designed for girls or boys - vibrant colors with modern shapes are beautifully crafted using locally sourced hardwood beams. Finally, most important for you is Made in Canada! The Max and Lilly brand offers kids' furniture such as dressers, beds, chairs, and stools. You can purchase Max and Lilly kids' bedding sets online at maxandlillykids.com or maxandlilybrand.com. How long do Max and Lilly take to ship? Max and Lilly typically ship in 2-4 weeks. Knowing how to ship kids' furniture is important if you want your home to be child-friendly. Small items are shipped at no charge. Large items may be charged an extra fee if they cannot fit in a USPS flat rate box, which has its size restriction for that service of up to 70 lbs. A typical crane stand dresser measures 30″ x 57″ x 55″ and can be sent through the USPS by ordering the Medium Flat Rate Box. With good packaging, this dresser can also go inside a UPS or FedEx package without incurring an additional charge. Some larger pieces require specialty boxes capable of shipping large pieces of furniture, but these are often more expensive. What is Max and Lilly’s return policy? Max and Lilly offer a return policy on kids’ furniture. The company defines this as products for children 12 years of age or younger, including furniture for their wardrobes, bedding sets, personal room furnishings, living room sofas, and chairs. If you are not satisfied with the purchase or if there was an error in shipping that caused damage to your furniture, you can return it at any time within 14 days of purchase. Conclusion: Max and Lilly is the perfect place for parents to find high-quality, stylish furniture for their kids. The company has a wide variety of options that are easy on your budget- whether you’re looking for bedroom sets or bunk beds. With over 50 years of experience designing children's furniture, this brand knows what they're doing when it comes to creating beautiful pieces with safety as their top priority. For further information visit our official website FurniturePik. https://furniturepik.com/best-twin-bed-for-kid/