KTRONICS is a Chennai based company and one of the leading water level controller manufacturing company in chennai. We are a company having more than 10 years of expertise in this field, with maximum installations ranging from individual houses, residential complexes, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, software parks, industry and communities. Since its establishment, the company has devoted considerable efforts to make innovation of technology and management, and has successfully developed various type of water level controllers which are applicable to all types of pumps. KTRONICS controllers provide the ultimate solution to the water pumping problems for customers who believe in life cycle cost and find it the most appropriate answer to their problem. We are committed to provide what our customer wants and we provide quality and consistency at the best value. Our manufacturing unit is located in Chennai and equipped to supply maximum number of products in supreme quality. The company is continuously rising on the growth chart and setting very high quality standards. Our strict emphasis on quality is combined with the latest micro controller based technology products to offer our customers a competitive edge and in pair with international quality, Since its inception, the company has established a reputation for itself as a supplier of quality products. Product range includes fully automatic water level controllers (WLC), semi automatic WLC, wireless WLC, GSM based WLC, automatic water softener, automatic iron removal system and agricultural pump controllers.