SEO Mistakes 2019

10 Major SEO Mistakes You Might Make In 2019

Now a days, everyone taking SEO services but before implementing this service you should note down these important points which are very useful for your business. People are wasting so much time on SEO but can't take care these mistakes.

Though SEO is one of the most crucial digital marketing strategies, it is the field where one commits most of the mistakes. In fact, the reason why your website doesn’t get the desired organic traffic even after you have spent a thousand bucks in incorporating SEO into your business is the improper use of the methodologies. Look out for an expert who offers affordable SEO services in Delhi to achieve what you aim. 

So, here is a small brief on the most common SEO mistakes which you can commit quite easily, without even knowing about it, coming straight from proficient SEO expert in Delhi. 

1. Not Planning The Keywords

SEO is mainly about making your content known to your target audience. The business which you deal in is not a unique one since you will have numerous competitors, some new while some already dominating the market. In order to outsmart them, you need keywords. But, improper planning of the keyword insertion will lead to a downfall in the traffic. 

2. Over Optimization Of The Keywords

Most of the digital marketers aren’t aware of the basic SEO rule i.e. inserting keywords with a relevant density to make the content look apt. If you think that by inserting a large number of keywords, you can increase your website’s online visibility, then you are actually inviting the doom. 

3. Use Of Irrelevant Keywords

The keywords must resonate with your business’s purpose. So, if you are incorporating irrelevant keywords just to make it optimized, then obviously it won’t attract the audience and affect the website’s ranking too. 

4. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the main reasons for the downfall of your website’s popularity as stated by an SEO expert in Delhi. Google and other search engines have their own set of algorithms which check the copied content and then pass it for the visibility. Even if 1% of plagiarism is there, you will get a lowered SEO rank. 

5. Improper Building Of The Backlinks

The backlinks are the backbone of a website and that’s why they should be properly introduced. An improper introduction will only cause messy navigation and frustrating feedback from your audience. Hiring an expert who can deliver affordable SEO services in Delhi is a wise decision to make to keep up the pace in the highly competitive environment. 

6. Irregular Updates on The Website

If you have a dynamic website, your audience will expect a consistent update, if not a regular one. But, most of the times the updates become inconsistent and irregular. Once the relevancy is lost, it is bound to dramatically decrease website traffic. 

7. Not Following The SEO Trends

Every SEO expert in Delhi must be aware of the latest SEO trends to match the changing algorithms of the search engines. This ensures staying prepared for the changes that might come across all of a sudden impacting the brand’s online visibility. 

8. Absence Of Image Optimization

The images introduced in the website must be optimized properly to avoid the vagueness in the display. Merely adding the images, as they are required, is the biggest mistake many make. 

9. Lack Of Device Responsiveness

No matter what the purpose is, lack of device responsiveness will cut down half of your traffic since the fraction of the mobile users is always more. 

10. Improper Website Content

The content of the website must be relevant with your business, telling the story in the correct form to let your audience know what they are dealing with. 

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