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If you want to have your own website, you can create a website fast and easy with

If you want to be visible online, a website is essential. A website used for the following: a business, promoting a service, selling physical products, branding yourself, sales page, career page, blog, and many more.

Now, it is easy for you to have a website of your own. No need to hire website developers and website designers, no need to learn how to code, and best of all, no need to be an expert in tech. Anyone is free to create their own website these days using an online tool such as a website builder like

What is the hPage Website Builder? is a website builder where you can create a website for free

This website builder allows beginners, amateurs, small time businesses, and individuals to build a website all by themselves. This eliminates the hiring of website developer and website designers , thus, saving hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Building and maintaining a website on is easy and affordable. For only $5 a month, you can already get all the premium features of the hPage service for your website. This includes premium site themes and extra business features.

On the other hand, you can also build a free website with zero costs and get the basic features for your website. It's a win-win situation.

Try out the free website builder for yourself and create your very own website now. Fast and easy website creation at!

How to Create a Website on hPage?

To create a website with hPage, go to the homepage and sign up for an account at the upper right corner. 

Once signed up, you will immediately get a free account with the ability to make a free website.

Here are steps you should follow thereafter:

  1. Pick out a domain name (what's the website address you want to have).
  2. Choose a website template. offers hundreds of website templates ready for choosing. These templates are all optimized for mobile for better visitor experience. To choose a template, you can pick out a design from the list of categories or type down a related keyword to your niche in the search bar. Results related to your keyword will show up.
  3. Add your website files. The files you should add on the dashboard should be files you would eventually want to show up in your webpages. These could be photos, videos, audio, and other documents that you would want to upload on your pages for your audience to see. To add files, go to the 'Files' menu and click 'Add Files'. Your files will automatically be sorted and filed according to their category (photos, videos, audio, documents) for easier finding.
  4. Create your webpages. hPage has a page editor similar to a Word document where you can just enter your text and other files. To start, go to the 'Pages' menu and click 'Add Page'. 
  5. Write your content on the Page Editor and press publish. The web page will immediately be created.
  6. Add business features and other addons to your web pages by seeing the offers of extra features listed under 'Addons' menu.
  7. Categorize your menu for your website under the 'Menu' tab on the dashboard. The menu tab allows you to create the visible menu on your website and you can assigns which web pages you want to show up on your menu.

These are basically the main steps when it comes to creating and building your website. If you want to check out the full features and other offers, check out the website builder and try it out for yourself.


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