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10 Stylish Office Bags for Men

It is believed that how you look and how you carry things tells a lot about you.

There are various accessories that make your office look complete. Office bags are part of accessories. It says a lot about your professionalism, personality, and work. A bag helps to carry all the essentials that you can use on your way. There are various types of office bags that you can consider. Office bags should be functional, stylish, and easy to carry. Here is the list of office bags you should check.

Different Office Bags for Men:

1. Bellroy Classic Backpack 

Bellroy is one of the most renowned brands that offer various carry goods accessories like bags. It is an elegant yet functional office bag. The leather finish of this bag makes it appealing. It suits all personality types, and you can carry a 15-inch laptop in it. The bag has small pockets as well inside that will help you to keep all your stuff in one place.

2. Filson Dryden Briefcase

Filson is also a reputed and oldest brand that offers various accessories like office bags. The bag has a rugged design that looks great. It has a soft and lightweight build with a capacity of 14L. You should check this one. The bag is constructed with fabrics like leather and nylon that makes it durable.

3. Flapover Messenger Bags

If you feel bags are tough to carry, then you should try a messenger bag. Leather messenger bags offer a lightweight experience. They also look stylish than any other office bag. They are slim and can carry your office essentials easily. This bag also has multiple small pockets that you can use to keep small items. You can buy such bags from online stores like MensXP. The brand has men grooming and lifestyle products, you can explore their wide variety of stylish office bags and use discount code like MensXP Coupon Code, to buy them at a reasonable price.

4. Holdall Bags

These are very useful for the person who has to travel a lot for their business. You can use it on short business trips as it can carry all the essential items you require on this trip. The best thing is that they are not very expensive. They look great and have good functionality as well.

5. Gym cum Work Bag

This one is quite popular among gym lovers. They can use the same bag for both the office and the gym. It has vast space and multiple small and medium-size pockets to carry things. Some brands also provide a shoe compartment. Moreover, they are waterproof and heat resistant as well.

6. Killspencer Esquire Briefcase

This type of bag has the best design and can be used for the office. It is made with full-grain leather that makes it look awesome, and the leather makes this bag durable. You can carry a laptop and other essential items in it. This is the sleekest and stylish bag for men, which is known for its utility and design.

7. Skybags Laptop Bag

These are the most famous and common in use bags. These bags are used to carry laptops and other small essentials. You can carry all types of laptops in it. Skybags laptop bags are available on various online and offline platforms. They are lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere. 

8. Sling Bags

Sling bags for men are widely used. They can be termed as a small messenger bag. You can carry small size laptops and other essential accessories with you. Another best thing about this office bag is that they offer a range of affordable office bags. They are best for your daily use and are easy to carry anywhere.

9. Leather Briefcase

This is an ideal bag for all the men out there who like leather. It offers durability and a finish that makes it stand out. You can choose from various designs. It comes with a carrying capacity of 15L that would be sufficient for working men. They have a wide variety of cheap to expensive bags, so you can easily pick the best that suits your budget.

10. Satchel Bags

The design of the Satchel bag is quite similar to a briefcase bag but has more features. It goes well with casual looks. It has various small functional pockets for quick access to essentials. The flip-over cover with buckle closure offers a secure fastening. These types of bags look trendy and are perfect for daily use.


The list has some of the best office bags that suit all personalities. You can choose the one you like easily from here. But remember bags are not just bags. They tell more about your personality, so choose wisely. Also, make sure it should be quality-rich and durable so that you do not have to purchase it again that too in a short time.

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