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Benefits that you don’t know of using a Mobile Payment Gateway

Since 2017 there has been an exponential growth in the mobile payments. Its convenient, faster and not tedious for consumers. All this hype has led all to get mobile payment gateway integration for their businesses.

Since 2017 there has been an exponential growth in the mobile payments. Its convenient, faster and not tedious for consumers.  All this hype has led all to get mobile payment gateway integration for their businesses. 

Mobile online purchases are growing with each passing year and the kind of freedom r it is providing it is definitely worth considering for your business. The mobile payment solutions will make sure that your business is ever ready for the changing eCommerce industry due to its added advantages.

People usually have lots of misconceptions about the utility and security of mobile payment gateway but on studying a lot more about the behaviour of an average customer we would find that they like choices. 

Getting your business the use of mobile payment gateway integration would help in providing your customers with one more added option to interact with your business. 

There are always some doubts going through the mind of merchants before implementing anything, given the risks involved. So here is an in-depth analysis of how mobile payments can be beneficial for your business.

The Five Advantages of Mobile Payment Gateway Integration

The mobile payment gateway solution is an added benefit for both your business and your customers as many mobile applications provide customers with rewards. Here are 5 advantages of mobile payment gateway solutions which would definitely go to help you and your business:

  1. Convenience to Customer

Before there were any other modes of payments like credit cards or other mobile payment solutions there was mostly cash. Customers always had a hard time keeping up cash flow at all times. Its made the purchase time longer, enough to put doubts and reconsider buying. On top of it, the risk of losing hard cash always kept the consumers in fear.  Fast forward to the and now the advantages of mobile payment system have made those times a distant memory. Imagine how convenient it is to just buy anything and pay online.

As of now only a handful of merchants have utilized the mobile payment processing for their business. But those who have applied it know that it offers one of the best advantages to their customers that is convenience.

  1. Expenses Cut Off For Merchants

Running a business requires a lot of costs and saving a little here and there would definitely help a lot to the merchants. Imagine the transaction at your business with less or no use of credit cards how the much-added amount will it save. It would definitely save the cost of printing receipts and use of separate tools for keeping the transaction records.

The costs of payment processing do pile up, you may not think it matters but it definitely does. Many will be of the opinion that the payoff received is worth the expense according to their customer base but the advantages added to the mobile payment gateway solution is that it is a nice cost-effective alternative. And moreover, the API pricing also costs less and other merchant expenses are extensively reduced.

  1. Increased Sales

Not only the mobile payment solutions help in reducing your merchant expenses but at the same time, it will help you in increasing your business sales. The logic is simple here when your business is offering your customers more than one payment type and that too the methods which are convenient people would tend to use it.

Thus the more people use it the more sales your business generates. Mobile payment gateway API in Kenya would provide you with seamless payments experience. The ease of recurring payments provided to your customers would make your customers pay you again with the same method and thus increasing the potential volume of your sales.

  1. Easy Integration

The fact that goes along with the mobile payment gateway integration is that it not only integrates with your business easily but it also integrates with your easily as well. The reduction of the expenses for the processing of payment is also due to the buying of expensive equipment.

But with the mobile payment integrating systems it is as easy to integrate payments into your existing mobile applications or websites. The other type of POS systems or online payments method could take a long time and could also require some extra hands.

The design for Mobile payment gateway API Kenya is such that it is very easy to integrate and also fast to get started with them.

  1. Extra Security

With any kind of payment gateway system, the chances of fraud and data breach is always a possibility and could not be totally avoided. But amongst others, mobile payments are the most secure.

It may not seem to be the safest when you are processing payments from the palm of your hand. However, with each passing day's mobile payment gateway API is becoming more and more secure and the API pricing is also very less when compared to other methods.

There are many data security and fraud prevention tools which any reliable payment processor could assist you. 


The advantages of mobile payment gateway integration are numerous. Mobile payments are though not an exception when it comes to the risks involved with different payment methods but rest assured there are particularly fewer risks involved.

With the API integration provider like Jenga API by your side, the advantages of mobile payment gateway solutions could make a large difference to your customer experience overall business.

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