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10 Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth can boost your confidence and self-esteem; consult with your dentist about teeth whitening in Kissimmee today!

When you are introducing yourself to someone, your smile is perhaps the first thing that they will notice. You want to ensure that it is beautiful, bright and stain-free. In case your teeth have unsightly discoloration, teeth whitening can help you bring back your lost confidence. However, before you decide to go through this process, you might want to read these ten interesting facts first.


1. Teeth Whitening Will Not Cause Harm to Our Teeth

There is a common misconception that teeth whitening products can cause harm to our teeth. You should know that poor oral hygiene and too much brushing are the actions harming our teeth. If the procedure has been conducted by a very capable dentist, and he follows the instructions properly, this treatment is considered generally safe. The products that can whiten our teeth include ingredients that will encourage the pores to open and eliminate the stains. Some whitening products may consist of chemicals that can irritate our teeth temporarily. However, your dentist in Kissimmee can give you an alternative and safe product that will not put too much strain on our teeth. Some toothpaste is designed to ease the discomfort that we are feeling.


2. Delivery Device is Essential to Achieve the Desired Effect

Different whitening products will have a range of active ingredients that are designed to remove the discoloration of our teeth. Perhaps the only difference in the treatment is the delivery device that the dentist office near you uses. The type of pen used to apply the product can guarantee that every nook and cranny of our teeth has been covered. Compared to using bite trays, boils, and whitening strips, a whitening pen minimizes the amount of irregularities and ensures that you will have a beautiful smile.


3. It Is Perfectly Normal to Experience Sensitivity After the Procedure

Experiencing tooth sensitivity after the procedure is relatively normal. The reason is perhaps due to tooth damage or thin enamel. During the procedure, you may also experience sensitivity. This is since the teeth become dried out temporarily–reducing their ability to protect us from the sudden change in temperature.


4. The Stains Will Not Disappear Instantly

Do not expect that the discoloration will magically disappear overnight. There are no products available on the market that can remove the stains in a couple of hours. Our teeth need enough time to absorb the active ingredients of the teeth whitening products.


5. Whitening Your Teeth Before Going to Sleep is Recommended

After the bleaching procedure, our teeth will become more prone to discoloration. This is because the pores of our teeth are still open. Therefore, it is advisable to use a whitening product before going to bed to avoid re-staining your teeth. It also gives your teeth an opportunity to start rehydrating and absorbing minerals.


6. Not All People Can Immediately Have White Teeth

The natural color of a person’s teeth has been determined during their birth. The only thing that the teeth whitening products will do is eliminate the stains that have accumulated on your teeth. Sadly, not all the dentist offices near you will disclose this fact. This means that your dentist can only revert your teeth to their natural color.


7. This is Considered a Synthetic Procedure

Teeth bleaching or whitening will use a product with a peroxide compound. Upon contact with our teeth, this will cause a reaction that will stimulate the release of free-radical oxygen. This will then penetrate the external layers of our teeth and oxidize the discoloration.


8. Result’s Depend Upon the Process

Depending upon the procedure that was executed by your dentist in Kissimmee, the time required to achieve the results can vary. Whitening medications that have been conducted in your dental office will require the use of advanced solution and technology that will expedite the results. To complete the entire procedure, it will take a single day, whereas bleaching conducted using your at-home whitening kit can take up to a week.


9. It is Safe

The teeth whitening procedure will begin with the preparation of a dental professional. They are responsible for treating patients for the said procedure. The product that will be used should be approved by the institution to make sure that it is completely safe.


10. This is Not Intended for Everyone

A lot of people are willing to go through the teeth bleaching procedure. However, there are some people who are not the perfect candidate for this treatment. For instance, pregnant and nursing moms and the youngsters are not advised to use teeth whitening products. It is also not recommended for false teeth.

Having whiter teeth can boost your confidence and self-esteem; consult with your dentist about teeth whitening in Kissimmee today!


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