Relief From Teeth Grinding And Clenching Is Just A Few Clicks Away

There are various approaches that can be used to help treat bruxism. The methods used will depend on the underlying cause of the disorder. In many instances, treatment involves protecting the teeth from the effect of the pressure applied to them. This is done using a mouth guard.

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects millions of Americans. However, not many understand the true impact of the disorder. Left unchecked, it can result in severe headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, teeth deterioration as a well as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

‘A good number of people that clench or grind their teeth do so while sleeping,’ says a representative of Teeth Night Guard, a division of Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab. The website offers custom mouth guards designed to provide protection from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching. ‘Many are unaware that they even suffer from the condition. It therefore often goes undiagnosed until the adverse effects begin to show.’

Teeth clenching and grinding is becoming even more common. Up to 31% of the general population grind or clench their teeth. Many people do this when they are frustrated, anxious or tense. Other factors that can lead to bruxism include abnormal bite, crooked or missing teeth as well as sleep apnea.

Treatment for teeth clenching and grinding differs depending on the underlying cause of the condition. However, general treatment regimens include protecting the teeth from the damage caused by the high and constant pressure placed on them. ‘A mouth guard provides a cushion between the lower and upper teeth. This helps to prevent the teeth from rubbing against each other. It also helps to absorb the impact of the pressure between the teeth. A custom teeth grinding guard will also help to prevent unwanted movement of the jaw and therefore reduce grinding and clenching all together.’

The easiest way to get the best teeth grinding guard:- If you grind or clench your teeth, you’re probably wondering how you can get a mouth guard to protect your teeth. While off-the-shelf mouth guards are cheap and easily available, they won’t provide you with the level of protection and safety you need. Custom mouth guards are the best way to ensure adequate protection.

‘In the past, the only way you could get a night guard for teeth clenching was by making a dentist appointment. The dentist would make an impression of your teeth and send it to a lab to make a custom mouth guard. These mouth guards took days or even weeks to become available. They can also be very expensive. We’re all about making custom mouth guards easily accessible and affordable.’

Teeth Night Guard gives people all over the country access to high quality custom mouth guards. You don’t have to make an appointment with your dentist or wait for a long time to get your mouth guard. You get relief from teeth grinding much faster and at a fraction of the cost by ordering your mouth guard on the website.

‘We’ve cut out the middlemen. With our online service, you’re going directly to the source of the mouth guards. We send you an impression kit and you send it back. We then use the impression to create a custom mouth guard.’

The lab makes mouth guards from high quality materials approved by the FDA. Clients can choose from different mouth guards to meet their specific needs. The mouth guards available at the lab range from soft and flexible mouth guards to hard acrylic mouth guards. Those looking for the best of both worlds can go for the hybrid option. This has a soft inside layer and a hard outer layer. 

Mouth guards are made by highly skilled dental technicians. They are strong and durable. You’re also assured of the perfect fit. All this is available at an affordable price. If you’re considering getting a mouth guard, you may want to consider going the online route with Teeth Night Guard.

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