Dog Teeth Cleaning

Just like humans, the lifespan of our cats and dogs is going up and up. It is imperative to take not only good care of our dog's teeth and gums; we should take great care of them. As in humans, the mouth is the dirtiest place in the body. The health of the teeth and gums can tell you many things. For humans, one of the first places you can see the loses in calcium, magnesium and silica are in the teeth.

The teeth also show a lack of minerals. The strength of the teeth can be representative of an overall health picture of people and our animals. For example, if your teeth are very weak and you get cavities, gingivitis or tooth aches and tooth decay rather easily the first place to look as is your diet. This applies to our pets as well. The first place to start taking control of your dog's health and dental care is their diet. It needs to be high in minerals just like our diets as well. Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, dental health is representative of our overall health.

You might be asking okay how do I go about taking good care of my pet's teeth and gums. I mean who wants (dog or human) to get a buildup of plaque, rotting teeth, bleeding gums, tooth extraction, gum disease and more? For humans, we can easily take charge of our diet and eat more highly mineralized foods and see a dentist or orthodontist whenever we want or even go get elective dental surgery like veneers, dental implants, crowns, non-metallic fillings, a dental bridge, cosmetic implants, dentures and the list goes on. Unfortunately for our beloved precious dogs and cats, they have to rely on us for good solid dental care. It's up to you to provide the best dog teeth cleaning practices for your pet.

So how do we do this? Like we said the first step is getting some good nutritious dog food that is high in minerals and vitamins. Raw dog food can be a huge help for this first step. The second step is making sure to play with your dog using dog rope toys or dog toys that they can tug on that not only helps to "brush" and clean their teeth as you play with them but also helps to strengthen their jaws and gums at the same time. These first two steps are mainly just minor lifestyle changes that you can put into effect without really trying too hard.

So, what are the other steps to take a more proactive approach to make sure your pet's teeth stay clean and healthy? The first step is to make sure you see your veterinarian on a regular basis for cleaning tips and regular cleaning. The vet will most likely take x-rays of your dog's mouth and teeth and determine what their state of health is. After that, they may give your dog a solution to kill any bacterial still lingering in the gums, tongue and teeth.

Then the doctor will inspect each tooth and around the gums and the inner lining of the gums very closely for any signs of gum disease, redness or puffiness and gingivitis. Then they will recommend products and changes you can make to allow for the best solution in dealing with whatever your dog may have. Make sure you keep good dog teeth cleaning practices on an ongoing basis.

At this point, it is time for learning some dog home dental care tips. You'll want to do a home oral exam about once per week. Take a few minutes once a week to see if you notice any changes or differences in tooth colour, plaque buildup, tooth sensitivity, gum redness or puffiness, and so on. It is imperative you check at least once per week at the minimum so you can start seeing slight and subtle changes over time. Your pooch will thank you for keeping great dog dental care.

The next step is making sure you brush and clean their teeth daily. Imagine if you went weeks and months without cleaning, brushing or even flossing your teeth. And we don't eat all the dirty and disgusting stuff a dog might eat. There are many kinds of toothpaste and rinses available for your dog nowadays. Make sure you get your dog used to the smell and taste of these mouthwashes or rinses as well as the toothpaste itself. It gets much easier over time if your dog gets used to it on a daily basis.

As your dog gets more and more used to the dog dental care products it gets easier and easier to take care of their mouth environment. Not only that but as time goes on, it'll only take a few minutes per day. Then the next time you visit the doctor or local vet they will be so happy at the healthy state of your dog’s teeth and gums.

Just as with anything in life, it's the small changes in life that make the biggest changes over time. Make sure to make it a goal to brush your dog's teeth once a day for 3 weeks without fail and it should become a habit and get easier and easier with time. Failing to take proper care of your pet's teeth could end up costing you thousands of dollars for unnecessary surgery. Be proactive about your pet's teeth and health today!

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