How Whitening Strips Can Damage Your Teeth

If you still prefer to use at-home teeth whitening kits, find a product that has been approved by the Canadian Dental Association.

People who want to have whiter teeth should first be aware of how teeth whitening products can affect our oral health. According to the latest research, hydrogen peroxide which serves as an active ingredient for teeth whitening in Winnipeg may have a detrimental effect on our teeth. After the study, experts discovered that there has been a considerable loss in the level of protein in the dentin.

The Shocking Ways Whitening Strips Can Affect You

Our society believes that pearly white teeth are the symbol of self-care and beauty. Therefore, more and more people will look for teeth whitening products or opt for cosmetic dentistry. Based on studies, more than 40 million individuals have tried whitening their teeth. Before you jump on the latest trend, look at some of the ways these whitening products can affect your teeth, in specific whitening strips.

They Affect the Dentin Layer

Researchers have uncovered how teeth whitening strips that you can avail over-the-counter can destroy your teeth. These products primarily contain hydrogen peroxide. It is an oxidizing agent that is used in different industries as a sterilizer. It is also commonly used to lighten the colour of teeth. It is used as the active ingredient of hair bleaching products. A dentist near you will caution you about the effects of excessive use of teeth whitening products. One effect, is they can significantly damage the middle layer of the teeth known as the dentin. It has been proven that hydrogen peroxide can disintegrate the collagen compound found in the dentin.

They Can Cause Gum Irritation

Gum irritation caused by teeth whitening products can be painful and may last for a couple of days. This will be more difficult if the active ingredient penetrated the cavity. Using whitening strips if you have gum disease or inflammation can make you more prone to a host of issues. Therefore, each patient is advised to use such products under the supervision of the dental clinic in Winnipeg. They can also prescribe you products that are intended for people with extremely sensitive teeth.

They Cause Stomach Irritation

Teeth whitening in Winnipeg without the guidance of a professional may expose you to the dangers of accidentally swallowing the bleaching ingredients. If you accidentally ingested the material, you are in deep trouble. This can cause throat irritation, plus you may also experience stomach irritation and nausea. Other patients can develop problems in their intestines and stomach once they ingest these ingredient for an extended period.

They Make Teeth More Sensitive

Once the dentin has been exposed, the active ingredient found in the teeth whitening strips can irritate the fibers found in your dentin. This will make your teeth extremely sensitive. Using products that contain a higher level of hydrogen peroxide is not recommended. Teeth whitening products used by the dentist in Winnipeg contain around 25% of hydrogen peroxide. When they are exposed to a strong light, the hydrogen peroxide is boosted to 30%. The sensitivity towards the use of this product will vary from patient to patient.  It is advised to consult your dentist first to determine if you are a perfect candidate for this cosmetic procedure.

All in all, teeth whitening strips are considered safe when they are used under the guidance of a dentist near you. Given their expertise and professionalism, they can easily determine if you will be prone to teeth sensitivity. Other risks involved in the procedure will also be eliminated since they will be able to keep you safe with the right protective gear. If you still prefer to use at-home teeth whitening kits, find a product that has been approved by the Canadian Dental Association.

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