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10 Things Why To Choose A Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company registration refers to the privately held entity that includes few limited liability of owners. Pvt. Ltd. will involve extensive ranges of administrative tasks. Even though it has certain restrictions, it is going to bring numerous benefits to entrepreneurs in India. Financial liability is a key benefit of Private limited company registration in India. This type of registration never threatens you related to personal bankruptcy problems at the happening of your organization's failure.

If you're looking for registration of Private Limited in India you must have looked below mentioned some benefits of it-.

1. Credibility Boost In Private Limited Company Registration

The number of newly entering ventures and businesses is growing day by day. For this reason, suppliers, customers, and investors are seeking for better business credibility. The partnership or proprietorship company in India is not registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It will lead to various hassles. With private limited registration in India, the entrepreneurs create the information such as company status, registered address, name and other details available easily for clients and investors from the public databases. It boosts the overall business credibility.

2. Open Door For Tax Savers In Private Limited Company Registration In India

Everyone knows that the corporate tax amount is lower. If you register your company as a Private limited company registration in India, then you are able to save a significant quantity of money as taxes saving. Along with the salary, the business can distribute dividends to its shareholders. These kinds of perquisites include minimum tax deductions, so the shareholders get higher benefits. This process will ring scope for staff to receive the pension benefits from the firms.

3. Opportunities To Scale Business Under Private Limited Company Registration

The private limited company registration process brings overseas investors and companies to invest in the business with no governmental approval. It makes the process easier for entrepreneurs to go international. It is essential for all new business entrepreneurs to have this unique feature for allowing both collaborations and FDI with international businesses. This kind of flexibility makes online company registration worth it. The private limited registration not only creates better standing but also boosts the overall value of your company. They are in fact viewed as highly credible and established compared to sole traders. This kind of entity also offers a security sense to both professionals and investors selecting to use the services of a business. It also opens up business  opportunities truly with big businesses. That is to say, this kind of registration ensures your brand uniqueness.


4. Easy To Get Funding In Private Limited Company Registration

It's well-known that funding plays the most essential part in establishing, growing or even maintaining your company. If you want to grow your business quickly, you should have the necessary funding options in your company. In regards to partnership companies or proprietorship firms, they can limit their funding to debits, self-funding, and also financing by their loved ones. They never enjoy the equity financing facility. It will impact startups to use this crucial source of funding. To avoid unwanted hassles, the private limited registration in India makes the companies capable of using the risk-free funding option.

5. Options for different business verticals in same company

If you register your company as the private limited company, you are able to be certain that your businesses aren't tied to their promoter and are simply a unique legal entity. Promoters can actually opt for various business opportunities once your business is stable. In the case of partnership firms or sole proprietors, they don't have this kind of flexibility. It is because they don't have their own entity. Therefore, Private limited company registration in India will lead to rapid growth and the capacity of independently enjoying lots of beneficial opportunities in this present industry. 

6. Simple Private Limited Company Registration Process

Private limited company registration process is much easier, earlier it was a little bit difficult and was time consuming. But the Ministry of corporate affairs has made it easy now to Private Limited Company registration. Registration process may take only 5-6 days to get it registered. If you have submitted today for your private limited company registration in India, most probably in one or two days you will get your approval of the company. And the private limited company registration documents are very simple. You just need to provide some basic documents like id address proof. Private limited company registration documents includes-

  • Copy of adhaar card of directors
  • Copy of PAN card of directors
  • Copy of Bank statements/electricity bill of directors
  • Email id, contact no, photo of directors
  • Electricity bill of office
  • NOC or Rental agreement of office

7. Easy Exit Options In Private Limited Company Registration 

In a private limited company registration process the most unique feature is about their easy exit option for investors or shareholders. In case if anyone does want to bet the part of the company after investing into it, they make their exit from the company also. As per Companies Act, 2013 there are some options are given to the shareholders to leave the company by complying the requisite provisions of law.  

8. Retention Of Existing Staff 

The competition level is increasing continuously in the present market. To beat the competition, the companies must retain their talent pool. Many business entrepreneurs offer various benefits such as ESOPs and stock ownership to their employees for attaining their goal. It is a valuable advantage among both the targeted employee and also companies. It's just possible in Private limited companies in India because it only offers stock ownerships or ESPO plans to their staffs.

9. Limited Liability In Private Limited Company Registration Process

One of the principal benefits of forming a Private limited company registration in India is that it offers financial liability. The liability will affect members and shareholders to handle the general burden of the debts when they undergo severe financial losses. The ideal business entity ensures that both the finances and resources of shareholders stay safe. Private limited company registration allows your company to bring improved services.

10. Simple Private Limited Company Registration Process

A private limited company registration process is very simple. Unlike earlier processes now MCA are registering Private Limited company, LLP Registration, OPC Registration, NGO registration in just a few days. There is a great possibility you may get your company registration in just 1 or 2 days, if no defect is found in application. 

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