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How to Start a Private Security Agency in Bangalore?

A private security is an establishment or an entity that is incorporated to provide armed and unarmed security services and security guards.

A private security is an establishment or an entity that is incorporated to provide armed and unarmed security services and security guards. If an individual or a group of individuals want to start a private security agency, they must acquire license which is known as PSARA license.

What are the types of Private Security Agency?

Following are certain types of private security agency which must be taken into consideration before applying for PSARA License.

  • Personal Security
  • Home Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Event Security
  • Aviation Security

What is PSARA License?

PSARA license has been named after the act that regulates all the security agencies. The PSARA act governs the functions of the private securities agencies. The act was established in 2005 with the objective to control the activities of security agencies and ensure that all the agencies function in a proper manner.

What are eligibility requirements to acquire Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) License?

Following are some minimum requirements that must be taken into consideration before applying for PSARA License.

  • An Indian firm, company or association
  • The individual or company must not be involved in any criminal activities
  • The individual or company must not have any connections with any other individual or company that has been banned under law
  • A sole proprietorship firm
  • Partnership firm
  • One person company
  • Private limited company

What are the eligibility requirements to work as a security guard?

Following are certain requirements that must be considered if an individual wants to work as security guard –

  • The individual must be a citizen of India
  • The minimum age of the individual must be 18 years
  • He must fulfill all physical standards
  • The individual must not be convicted by the court
  • The individual must not be dismissed on the basis of misconduct by the authority

How to start a Private Security Agency in Bangalore?

There are certain steps that must be followed for Private Security Agency (PSA) establishment. Following are certain steps that must be taken to acquire PSARA License –

Select a type of security agency

The first step in the establishment of a security agency is to choose the type of agency that they want to establish. The agency is registered as a private limited company or limited liability partnership.

Deciding on the capital of investment

This is a crucial step, in which the individuals must decide the amount of capital they would want to invest into the business in the initial period.

Prepare a business model

Drafting a business model is crucial, thus a model or a business plan must be prepared by the individuals. All important details must be mentioned in the model. A model provides a view on how the business will look like after its incorporation.

Obtain a private security agency license

Obtaining a license is compulsory for individuals who want to start a security agency. They must follow all steps and acquire a license before they proceed to the security establishment.

Submission of documents

All the documents that the authority expects from the applicant must be submitted by them within the prescribed time period.

Submission of registration fees

The applicant must submit registration fees as per the guidelines mentioned by the Government.

Acquire a logo

A logo distinguishes the company or the establishment from other companies, thus, individuals must acquire a logo for the business.

Commence business activities

After all the steps are completed, the company can start its several business activities while following all the guidelines with regards to the business.


What are the registration fees to obtain PSARA License?

Following is the list of fees that must be paid to the authority at the time of PSARA Registration –

For a single district - Rs 5000

For five districts – Rs 10000

For an entire state - Rs 25000

What documents must be submitted to obtain PSARA License?

Following are certain documents that must be submitted to the authority to obtain PSARA License –

  • Allotment of PAN
  • PAN card
  • Registration at the Service Tax Department
  • Employee State Insurance Registration
  • Provident Fund Registration
  • Affidavit of the security training
  • Ownership proof for the principal place of business
  • Detailed armed licenses
  • Uniform Pattern
  • Detailed armed license
  • Registration as per the Contractual Labor Act (CLA)
  • Registration of establishment as per Shops and Establishment Act
  • MOA and AOA of the partnership deed
  • Affidavit as per PSARA Act
  • Proof of Ownership of the place where the business will be established

What are the conditions for expiry and renewal of PSARA License?

PSARA License has a validity of five years from the date of registration and it must be registered after it expires.


Establishment of a private security agency requires several steps which must be followed by individuals. It is important to acquire PSARA License before starting a private security agency and operate business activities.

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