Fertility centre in Bangalore

Fertility centre in Bangalore

Welcome to GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, a premier organization in the field of Assisted Reproductive Medicine. GarbhaGudi IVF Centre offers you the entire gamut of fertility services, with advanced technology to achieve superior pregnancy outcome. At all our centres, one or more full-time fertility specialists are available to interact, counsel and help in every medical or emotional issue of couples who are trying to conceive. We pride ourselves in being your trusted fertility specialist partners - from pre-conception through your journey to parenthood.

Our approach to fertility treatment brings to you, a level of care that is complete, innovative and leading-edge while also being sensitive, ethical and transparent. State-of-the-art infrastructure is combined with the latest medical technology, to ensure you get the right treatment that is focused on providing the best outcomes. Our advanced in-house labs cater to all the unique fertility tests and investigations which helps our clinicians plan your treatment better and aid in successful conception.


GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, one of the best IVF clinics in Bangalore, is run by the well-known fertility specialist, founder and Scientific Director - Dr Asha S Vijay, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, with almost 25 years’ experience in this field. Dr Asha's team comprises of many accomplished fertility specialists who have pioneered various cutting edge IVF techniques and have performed thousands of successful IVF procedures.

You will find all the care and assistance from Dr Asha and her team of specialists. With high success rates, affordable pricing, holistic approach of treatment, world-class facilities, easy financing options, a highly qualified team and excellent service, GarbhaGudi is considered as the leading IVF centre Bangalore.

The myths about In vitro fertilization (IVF) Having a child is the greatest happiness that a couple can experience. At times, when they are not able to conceive naturally, science and technology can come to their rescue. In-vitro Fertilization is a process of conception, in which eggs are collected from the woman and combined with the male partner’s sperm, outside the woman’s body - in the laboratory.

This fertilized egg is then put back into the woman’s womb for the embryo to grow there, until the delivery. There are, however, some myths around IVF, that we need to put at rest. MYTH 1. One needs to take complete bed rest during IVF: It is one of the most prevalent myth that plagues every IVF patient. Many people think that they need “strict” bed rest during the IVF and also after the embryo transfer .

Many patients are scared that the embryos will fall out if they walk around. Patients need to know that nature designed the body with enough ‘ability’ that walking, running, coughing, and sneezing does not cause an embryo to fall out. The fetus remains safe in the womb, and just because they have been in an incubator in the IVF does not make any difference. IVF allows us to copy nature, and once the embryo reaches the uterus, it is just like a natural embryo. MYTH 2. IVF is a painful procedure: Many couples believe that IVF is a painful procedure, which is not true.

The needed injections are given with the help of a specialized pen, which is a painless process. In the egg retrieval process, the woman is administered anesthesia, so there is absolutely no pain in that process. After this, there are certain injections that we inject in luteal support, they are also minimally painful. In some cases, we can avoid the injections and replace the same with gel or tablets. So it is a painless procedure. MYTH 3. IVF means we will have twins: This is also a common myth that if we opt for IVF, we will have twins only. It depends on how many embryos are transferred as part of the IVF cycle and also on how many embryos continue to grow in the womb.

The chances of a twin pregnancy is higher if more than 1 embryo is transferred. But it is not guaranteed that IVF will ALWAYS result in twins. MYTH 4. IVF children have birth defects: Many couples believe that if a child is born via IVF, he/she will have deformities. This myth is based on the wrong understanding that as the child’s conception and early embryo development have happened outside the mother’s body, there are higher chances of birth defects. This is not true.

There have been many studies over the last few decades that show that the percentage of deformities in an IVF baby is the same as the percentage of deformities in a naturally-conceived child, not more, not less. It is also important to know that in an IVF pregnancy, the baby is screened with a lot more diligence when compared to a normal pregnancy and so the chances of a birth defect is much lesser. If you or anyone you know wants to have a baby through IVF, they can contact us at GarbhaGudi. We have helped thousands of couples conceive children and get the joy of having a complete family. GarbhaGudi: Experience the Joy of Parenthood!

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