10 Tips for cleaning your gold jewelry

Jewelry should be cleaned to from exposing dirt and dust. You might have a lot of silver and gold jewelry lying inside your house.

When you use jewelry for some time, you may need to clean them to appear clean. Jewelry restoration is an essential thing for every jewelry owner to consider. Here are tips for cleaning jewelry.


Avoid harsh cleaning

Do not do harshly when cleaning your jewelry. When cleaning, you can use toothpaste and baking powder to rub it against the metal. These are the best method but do not use your force to clean.

When you use a clean cloth to polish, take care and clean it smoothly. Any time you do cleaning, remove the amount of metal used here.


Use of boing water

Boiling water is best because it kills your germs before. But it would help if you had the following to use in boiling:

A pot

Gas or stove


Here is the guide to help you when boiling:

Pour water into a pot and bring it for boiling. Once the water is boiled, switch off your stove and put jewelry inside the boiling water. You can pour your water after done and let it dry for some time before putting it in a clean place.


Please wash it.

For those looking for jewelry restoration, it is a good idea you wash your jewelry after some time.

Make sure you wash jewelry with warm water with soap to remove dirty first. Use your soft cotton cloth to clean with and not a hard one to avoid breakages.


Use of Lemon juice

Juice of lemon is also best for cleaning jewelry metals. Here is what you need:

20ml of lemon juice

A clean cup

Paper towel


You can put it inside a cup of lemon juice and let it be overnight—the acidic lemon helps clean dirty.  


Try ultrasonic cleaner

Dust is removed quickly from a piece of jewelry when you try ultrasonic cleaner. But remember ultrasonic will not clean tarnish, but it works perfectly.

Use of detergent soap

When cleaning jewelry, you need to have a block of soap to help you make work easy. Here are what you need to have for jewelry restoration.

Liquid detergent soap


Warm water


This is another best solution to clean the gold jewelry of your home. You need to mix the detergents and make them soaked for jewelry. You can use that solution for cleaning silver. Your gold will be shining and smell fresh after some time.


Use silver dip instead.

You can try to use a silver dip for quickly removing dirt from your jewelry. You need to remove tarnish sterling silver. You will need to work with the silver chain that is difficult to polish. 


Use of vinegar

Here is what is needed

Soft toothbrush

Warm water

50 ml of vinegar

Warm water


Use it to boil and mix with an ingredient to help you get your paste. Use a toothbrush for cleaning and rub the jewelry. Scrub it for few minutes.


Use toothpaste

What you need




You can use a toothbrush or some cotton to rub it with silver. This is one of the reasonable solutions for how to clean your silver chain. After done, wipe through with a towel.



The use of ammonia to clean jewelry is the best thing you will need to consider. You need to mix ammonia in warm water.

Finally, jewelry restoration is essential to make them stay longer. You will have what it take to be clean.


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