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Top Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone for the First Time

When you live alone you feel free and new possibilities open up. You are responsible for the organization of time, for entertainment, but also for home security and personal safety.

More and more women are opting for independent living. These are most often women who got their first job after graduating from college, women who divorced or became widows and single mothers. When you live alone you feel free and new possibilities open up. You are responsible for the organization of time, for entertainment, but also for home security and personal safety. When we are alone, then we have no one next to us who will remind us to lock the door, to warn us of potential dangers, to protect you from burglary. Then you need simple and safe solutions that will protect you and provide you with maximum security and enjoyment of single life.

We share with you proven tips and solutions that will be useful to women who live alone. Taking precautions is a good idea!

Choose a quiet part of town and a safe apartment
When you start an independent life, you should choose the part of the city that is quiet. You should also pay attention to the way in which the apartment you rent or buy is secured. Before you move in to explore the area where you will live. Data estimating the crime rate in cities is available online. You should avoid these cities in order to reduce potential problems in the future. If you have acquaintances or friends who live in a part of the city that you like and that you consider ideal for living, then consult with them and ask about everything that worries you.
Invest in security systems
If you live alone, it is wise to invest money in security systems that will help you be one step ahead of the danger. You can place security cameras outside and inside, and you can watch camera footage on your TV or phone. It is estimated that more than 80% of burglars would give up breaking into an apartment if there were cameras. The cameras are affordable and will be of great use to you, especially when you are not at home.
Smart doorbell and smart locks
In addition to cameras smart doorbells can also be useful. You will have a video of the front door, and you will be able to recognize unwanted guests. You can also install an application that is monitored when you are not at home. Smart bells are much more useful than peepholes because they provide security. Smart locks are recommended for everyone! Once you have them, you don't have to worry about lost keys. Most of them work on a fingerprint or using a unique code and face recognition. Also, when your window and door break down to be sure to fix them as soon as possible. You need to find a proven locksmith you trust! An emergency locksmith will be of great importance to you especially when the door breaks down.
Protect yourself from fire
When you move in you should first check where are fire escapes in case of danger and terrible events. If a natural disaster occurs or a fire breaks out you need to have a solution ready.
An appropriate relationship with the neighbors is important
When you live alone, it is significant to meet the people around you. Women who are alone need to develop a beneficial relationship with their neighbors so that they can count on them in unforeseen situations. If you are a single mother or have decided to establish an independent life without a partner, you will need new friends. When you are away, neighbors can be helpful, because they will always let you know if something is happening in your apartment.
Don’t reveal to everyone that you live alone
The fatal mistake you can make is revealing your location via social media. You may be thrilled with the new apartment and want to show everyone what it looks like, but it is advisable to avoid this step. You shouldn't even announce on your profiles when you plan to go on vacation or when you won't be at home. You can post photos when you get home. The light in the apartment should be turned on all the time, because burglars avoid apartments that have lights on, assuming there are people inside. Keep your windows well secured and covered with curtains, so that you don't end up in a situation where someone is spying on you and checking if you live alone.
Learn to defend yourself from potential dangers
You should always think ahead. When you notice something suspicious is happening in your environment, do not hesitate to report the case to the police. It is recommended you attend self-defense classes. You will be prepared to defend yourself if someone assaults you. It is critical to be aware and ready in case of danger, but you should not panic and be afraid unnecessarily. If you feel nervous or frightened, just invite your friends or family to be with you for a while. It is possible it's time to adopt a dog. You will enjoy the company and can be trained to defend you if someone breaks into the apartment.

Women who live alone should provide themselves with a home in which they will feel safe and protected. Adapt these tips to your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of living alone.

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