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10 Tips for simple music marketing for indie artists

We exist in an odd moment. With the internet bursting into exponential confusion, we find that nearly all facets of our lives are split into new ways due to this hyperconnectivity. The music business and the musicians that create it find themselves in a place of continuous transition. The quest for target audiences through a variety of analytical tools is now open. Music has moved from mostly analog to mostly interactive. Traditional marketing has been directed into social media marketing and branding.

With Spotify and rocket science music streaming platform simply taking a click away, album labeling scarcely struck India for overall revenue in 2014. Now is the ideal moment for musicians to forget the support of a big label and walk into the muddy seas, apart from recruiting resources such as social network ads and products. Indie bands have much greater artistic independence than their big label partners, and generally see a significantly larger decrease in profits. If artists payout of their wallets for certain programs, they often choose to take a step into social media marketing. See our collection of 10 basic independent artist music marketing tips

1. Connect the followers - Fans want to hear their favorite singers. This basic idea is one of the reasons why interviews are a big move in the promotion of a band. Take the opportunity to tweet or share a short video of yourself in the creative phase. One move further: retweet and answer your fans – it brings them closer to you. Take the time to take a look behind the red curtain for your followers.

2. Keep Social Media up - There is nothing worse than going to a Facebook or Twitter profile of the show, for last summer's tour schedule. The day you confirm it, you can update performance dates and venues. Give people time to plan through their full lives and let them do their performances. In addition to tour dates, make sure that the material is updated regularly so that followers can look forward to seeing your page every time.

3. Connect Your All Social Media accounts — You need to have open connections with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. However, don't bite off more than you can chew. There are 100 pages for social media—you don't have to use any one.

4. Don't seem like generic publicity – We all realize that the band has a social networking site that seems to offer anything to you with any message or comment. Be true! Be genuine! If you dislike everything in the social networking profile of the band, you will benefit from your errors.

5. Visuals, Visuals, Visuals - people are still lurking in plain text. Photos and videos will stick out and have tourists pause and see what you have to say. The whole model of Instagram is built on graphics and valued at $35 billion. Take a shot or fire a video to your fans with a quick tweet. In reality, photographs and videos are ranked more organic news feeds on Facebook than pure text.

6. Post Regularly/Stay Active — "we don't worry" doesn't mean something like a band that was the last tweet two years ago. Each moment of waking does not need to be used in social networking, but sharing is also a perfect way to keep fans engaging with the band.

7. DO NOT SPAM - Keep original material! It's a big no-no to post the same status or tweet with the same text and connection every day. Let your fans never ask whether the artist or a computer is running their social media page. However, it is perfectly appropriate to reuse extremely engaging posts down the track.

8. Giving Away Unique - It's a wonderful way to thank followers for signing up for your social networking accounts. Upload an MP3 online and post a connection where you can copy and place it in Kevin Day music collection for fans like your blog. This is also an easy way to construct your email database.

9. Automatically Everything You Will – Automation isn't all evil. Do any homework and find a suitable tool to streamline participation in the social network. There are a few cool applications out on your Facebook page that help you plan tweets and updates.

10. On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter alone, you can't depend This one is a little of the realm but also a social networking tip. Social networking can't be anything you do! You're a recording artist, not a group "Twitter Pic Of The Day." Network with business professionals, book shows, just don't throw all the eggs into one pot. Social networking is a wonderful platform for independent musicians, but it's not the end of the day.

BONUS TIP – Marketing email isn't gone! Be sure you collect details for a mailing list as much as you can. At least Still receive AND Zip Code or place to geotarget the concert posts.

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