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How to create podcast intro music for an excellent experience?

Podcast intro music is essential for making it an excellent listening experience for your fans. See how you can make a million-dollar worth of podcast music.

Music is a part of every celebration, big announcement, or just to set your morning mood. Well, we can never deny that the beginning of something significant such as, before cutting your birthday cake, a wedding march to the aisle and so on. Even when you're watching a TV show, the theme music is played with catchy tunes and rhythms. You can do something similar to your podcasts as well. 

If you're launching your new podcast or making improvements to a newer one, you should consider introducing a new theme of music that will help you develop your podcast's identity. Listeners get excited when they hear the podcast music

 play at the start. At the same time, many podcasts use snippets from a song or their original track. Remember that using a commercial or song as your podcast intro every time can turn out to be a violation of copyrights even if you play it for a few seconds. In that case, you can use some royalty-free music for the podcast intro music. Here are a few other things that you might want to look at. 

Style and tone 

The style and the tone of podcast intro music depend on the audience you want to attract. Using the correct type can make a huge difference. If you make some lighthearted podcasts, upbeat music might just fit into the vibes. You can use blues, jazz, punk, rock and other electronic music types for different podcast themes that you plan for. Well, it isn't always necessary to have only one intro music. You can also consider adding lyrics if plain music sounds dull to you. Also, lyrics are a great way to contribute a unique introduction to the podcast. 

Using the existing music 

If you like to use an existing piece of music, don't do it without the original creator's permissions. Using someone else's music for your commercial purpose or playing it for the purpose of parody or criticism are two different things. Long story short, you cannot use another artist's content without their permission. 


Compose your theme 

Suppose you know how to compose music, well and good. If not, there are tons of ways you can approach an artist or producer who uploads podcast music on his library. Another option is to get custom beats made for your podcast's intro. A few amazing online stores like JBZ Beats can help you with custom podcast intro music. 


Ask other podcast listeners. 

If many people are listening to your podcast without music, it surely means that they are your loyal listeners. Ask your listeners if anyone knows how to create music. If yes, they'd surely be eager to help you out with podcast music.

Hire professionals 

If you have the money and want to make your podcast feel more sophisticated and professional, you can hire professionals anytime. Once you select your favourite music producer, you ask them to create two versions for your podcast. One that would play in the beginning and the second in the end. Remember to read all the terms and conditions before you finalize the payments. Hera to other music pieces that the producer has already created for some inspiration. 

Well, whatever podcast intro music you select, the music should essentially help you to develop an identity of your own. The music must create a sense of excitement for the listeners so that they gear up for some great experience. For more details and sample music, visit JBZ Beats.

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