10 Types of Cakes Which Are Going to Delight Your Mood

Cakes can make everyone happy. Any ages of people get delighted after seeing a cake at the party. Before days cakes used made with only one flavour and a sponge cake.

Cakes can make everyone happy. Any ages of people get delighted after seeing a cake at the party. Before days cakes used made with only one flavour and a sponge cake. But these modern days bakery improving and upgrading their flavours and customizations. Every street had a cake store now so the bakery's writing some new plans to attract customers. Designer team upgrading their flavours along with the cake types. OYO Cakes is the best online store which produces freshly baked cakes. They are known for making 100% eggless cakes. These days cakes coming with fruits even designing team using flowers and leaves for decoration. Cakes are making for every special celebration. Before cake are used to order on birthdays. 

But know people ordering cakes for every celebration in life. From 1st-month birthday cakes to retirement cakes every special Day used to celebrate with cakes. Customised are also became trending these days. Birthday is used to celebrate with a different theme. For  Anniversary's and Valentine's people celebrating with photo makes. Kids birthday are enjoying with cartoon cakes. Bachelorette celebrated with adult cakes and more celebration even some festivals is celebrated wildly delicious cakes. Bakery team trying new flavours and naming them as unique flavours. Although they are many cakes around the world. Today I will talk about 10 best delicious cakes which are going to delight your mood within a minute or seconds.

  1. Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate? Also, studies say that eating chocolate will help to eradicate mood swings and make you happy. These cakes are made with melted chocolate and cocoa powder. Oyo specially offers chocolate cakes including different flavours and decorations. Vanilia cream, Fudge and other sweetness are added in this cake. Chocolate is included in different types of Flavours. Flourless chocolate cakes, Fudges cakes, traditional cakes, Garash, black forest cake more and more. People can be easily attracted to its darkish colour too. 

  1. German Cake

The layered chocolate cakes is known as German chocolate cakes. This English cakes is mostly filled with coconut pecan frosting and topped with too. Traditionally it is made with sweet baking chocolate. People can buy a gorgeous German cake at Oyo. Cake is topped with egg yolks and custard with evaporated milk. Sides of cakes are piped down to hold the fillings inside the cake. Recipe still remains the best in the European countries so, try this cake to get a smooth feeling around your mouth.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

People can forget the flavour but no one's dare to forget the Red Velvet colour. Thick red colour with chocolate fillings which topped with cherries can make anyone happy. The appearance of the cakes traditionally is redd brown colour or scarlet. This cake is layered with chocolate along with ermine or white cream cheese. These cakes are rich with cocoa, buttermilk and butter. Red velvet flavour cake is most famous and coming in products like lattes, pop tarts and waffles. 

  1. Coffee Cake

Coffee lovers can easily delighted by smelling this cake. Oyo offers the best coffee cake with some caramelised almonds and berries jam. Coffee cakes is mostly made with sponge cake which absolutely taste like coffee. These cakes are made in a round shape with two layers separated by butter icing which is flavoured with coffee flavour. Coffee cakes are mostly offered with single flavour along with cinnamon sticks.

  1. Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake or angel cakes are known as fluffy and light cakes. It's fluffy texture made these cakes so delicious. People who are craving cakes with no dairy products these cakes will be perfect. Because it don't use any butter only use egg whites. So, people happily eat their light cake-like flying in the sky. 

  1. Devil's Food Cake

This chocolate breed cake is made in 20 century. Devil's cakes are said to be rich in chocolate rather than normal chocolate cakes. This dark colour cake can easily make fell happy with their rich chocolate frosting. coffee also added for a dark taste and cocoa powder is added than cocoa butter which makes you feel amazed.

  1. Ice Cream Cake

Two things people love is Icecream and cake. So oyo offers Ice cream cakes to enjoy these two items on your bad days. Ice cream cakes are filled with ice cream in their layers. It also has sponge cakes and cookie crumble between them. It is mostly a party food. But people don't need a party to enjoy a few moments alone with cake.

  1. Lemon Cakes

Lemon cakes contain rich citrus flavours and vibrant yellow colour around the cake. Cake looks heavy but it is generally made with lemon glaze and creamy sugar on a single cake and with tons of icing. People who needed rich flavour can order this cake.

  1. Cheese Cake

Cheese cakes at mostly a sweet dessert Your mood definitely changes with this beautiful cake. Cheesecakes made with thickest layers of soft and fresh cheese along with eggs and sugar. 

  1. Fruit Cake

If you are a fruit lover then get to Oyo and order fresh fruit cake. These rich fruit cakes are made with fruits along with butter and cream.

These are the best cakes which can order to make you happy and they easily change their mood. Hope you get a good cake and a good day.e


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