10 Stalls Around India You Should Eat Golgappas In Your Life

You Should Eat Golgappas 10 Best Stalls Around India in your life Pani puri is always mouth water street food in India, loved by every single person. It is not only delicious but refreshing and roadside snack that can be easily found in the whole country.   

Best Stalls Around India You Should Eat Golgappas 

Pani puri is always mouth water street food in India, loved by every single person. It is not only delicious but refreshing and roadside snack that can be easily found in the whole country.   

If you are hanging out over local market areas to shop or spend quality time, Golgappas are always easy to run food choice for people to feel nostalgic. This street cuisine of India comes with variant tastes, flavors, taste, and even names. As you know, India is rich in cuisine culture, and Indian dishes are worldwide known for its aromatic and flavored aspects.  


Golgappas are also known as paani puri, gupchups, and phuchkas which are mesmerizing spicy, crunchy, tangy treats for foodies. The pleasure of eating golgappas for foodies like me is not worth more than heaven on earth.   

In fact, If you are too a foodie then you must be aware of Golgappa Race, maybe you have played that. Personally, I have been the part of the Gol Gappa race with my family and friends and no matter you won or lost, I am always thankful that I got a chance to guzzle many phuchkas.  Sound's Funny yet Yummy Too.  

Well if you are the golgappa lover, then let me tell you 10 incredible Golgappa stalls, you can hang around in your Foodie journey throughout India.  

Ten Most Delicious And Taste Budding Golgappas Stalls In India:  

1. Aamchi Mumbai Ki Pani Puri || Elco, Mumbai : 


  The pampering water blasters phuchkas are something you don't want to miss if you are exploring Mumbai foodie destinations. Elco is one of the know best Golgappas stalls in Amachi Mumbai where you can giggle and guzzle golgappas with different flavors and taste. This street food corner with refreshing chaat, paani puri, will smack up your foodie soul to eat more and more. The eating of paani puri from here won't even affect your health as they are keen in using filter water instead of regular tap water. The tangy treat at Elco environment is perfect hygienic so eating chaat, paani puri will surprise you with great flavors in just a few bucks.   

  • The other popular Chaat and Pani Puri destinations in Mumbai are:  

Bhagatchand Tarachand, Breach Candy, Vithal Bhelwala, Jai Jhulelal Snacks, Shivkripa Panipuri Stall, Appointment, Bajrang Chaat Center, Prashant Corner, Punjab Sweet House, Guru Kripa Hotel, Jhama Sweets, Vithal Bhelwala and Sindhi Pani Puri House.  

2. Delhi Ke Golgappe || Ashok Chaat Bhandar:  


  This is perfect snacking and hanging destinations for Delhiwala's who are fond of eating chaat and panipuri.  The famous Chaat Bhandar comes all the right with Chawri Bazar metro station exit. There is a place that attracts more than 700 people on a daily basis. This is a 70-year-old chaat and snack corner which is followed by every chaat lover. The position offers the variety of phuchkas spicy water that gives refreshing tasty that blast in every corner of the mouth. The golgappas severed here are excellent in taste, tang and spicy on the tongue and digestive as well.  

  • The other popular Chaat and Pani Puri destinations in the heart of the country, New Delhi are:  

Lala Chaat Bhandar, Jai Mata Di Chaat Centre, Chote Laal Chaat Bhandar, Grover Sweets, Bengali Sweet House, Bittu Tikki Wala, Raju Phuchka Wala, Vaishnav Chaat Bhandar, PrabhuChaatBhandaar, Bikanerwala, Bobby Tikki Wala, Made In Punjab, Nathu Sweets, etc.  

3. Kolkata Ke Tikhe Phuchke ||Dilip da's phuchkas : 


  If you are a true foody nomad and a golgappa lover, then you should hang out some of your days in Kolkata streets and Galli food stalls. Every road and Galli in Kolkata is heritage with its own popular chaat and phuchkawalla. One of the most popular golagappa corner for local Kolkatenas is Dilip Da at Vivekananda park, where you can enjoy a variety of spicy, sweet and tangy flavored golgalla pani and the mouth-melting snack. The filling of Phuchkas, the spicy masalas are amazing in taste as are made of mashed boiled potatoes, channa, black salt, pepper, chili powder, etc., that can light up your mood and feeling in a deliciously.  

  • The other famous Chaat and Golgappas corner in Kolkata are:  

Chakraberia, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Ballygunge Petrol Pump, Alipore, Vardaan market, Five Star, Salt Lake, Ultadanga Crossing, New Market, Hindustan Park, Lake Side,  Chaatwallas, Dharamtala, Max Mullar Bhavan, Puchkalacious, Buddha Bazar and many more.  

4. Bangalore Ke Pani Wale Baster Balls (Golgappe):  


 If you thing Chaat and Panipuri stalls are best in New Delhi and Kolkata, then let me tell you Bangalore is nowhere back in selling delicious paani puri to all its paani puri lovers. This local snack is all available in the Silicon Valley of India as well in a sanitized way, that can definitely hook you up with a try.  Crunch smalls blasters with a delicious filling of potatoes, chutney, onions, chickpeas will definitely drench your hidden golgappa soul out to taste the refreshing mint and spicy flavor in Bangalore. The most common yet popular golgappa taste with local flavors is available in Anand Sweets. There are numerous places to taste golgappas in the city to catch your tongue sizzling and chirping with tangy, spicy flavors.  

  • The other popular Chaat and Phuchkas stalls and corners in Bangalore are:  

Rakesh Pani Puri and Chaat, Shubh Sweets, Anil Kumar's Pani Puri, Thengu Mane, Pamraj's Pani Puri, Gullu's Chaat, Punjabi By Nature, Sweet Moments, Shree Chaat Point, etc.  

5. Hyderabad Ke Gupchups: 


 Hyderabad is always a foody destination known in India, where you can taste many royal and rich taste and flavors of numerous dishes. The Hyderabadi Biryani, Dum Pukht, Maghaz Masala, Boti Kebab, Paaye Ki Sabji are mouther watering heritage cuisine of the city. This doesn't mean that Hyderabad is not known for its Chaat and Snack-time foods, well authentic Chaat and Golgappas of the town are super delicious. Gokul Chaat in koti is one of the local hit for chaat and phuchkas with an array of spicy and tangy waters. In fact, many other local food street corners also offer many kinds of golgappas, that will not let you miss New Delhi Chaat at all.  

  • The other favorite Phuchkas Stalls in Hyderabad are:  

Santosh Famous, Maharaja Chaat, KBR Park Chaat, Sardarji Chaat, The Pani Puri Shop, Agra Sweets, Dadus, Uncle Chaat, Poorna Chandra's Pani Puri, Om Shiv Shankar Pani Puri are some local street gazing chaat stalls and corners that serve tasty phuchkas in Hyderabad.  

6. Nagpurian Pani Puri:  


  Nagpur is known foody destination as the city is encircled with many Chaat corners and golgappas stalls over the local street. The city is selling tasty, and mouth-melting pani puri from decades and have many known places to hangover with this spicy treat. The city is not only famous for oranges but is also a place with pampering street food locations. If you are looking for tempting golgappa corners in Nagpur then explore it up Lokmat Square is one of the Best Golgappa corners in the busy street of the city. This place will give you a pleasing taste of paani puri and other kinds of Chaats. Even spicy mix patties, aloo tikkis, type of bhelpuri are also fascinating that attract people.  

  • The other tempting paani puri street corners in Nagpur are:  

Jai Ambe Chaat Corner, Tuhi Nirankar Swadisht Panipuri, Mathuravasi Chaat Centre, Gurukrupa Chaat Centre, Itwaris Mathurawasi Chaat Centre, Juna Swadish Chaat Bhandar, Facebook Chaat Wala, New Famous Chaat Centre, etc.  

7. Pune Ke Pani Patashi: 


 If you are the golgappa lover and looking a tongue-twisting taste in Pune, then let me help you out with some fascinating golgappa and chaat stalls in this metro city.  You breeze this refreshing and tangy water treat in Jaishankar Panipuri wala at Jaan Mohmeed Street, like this a notable spot for golgappa lovers. The variant flavors with taste melting crunchy blast will make you fall in love with the place even the city with many golgappas stalls and corners.  

  • The other pampering phuchaka destinations in Pune are:  

“Tamanna Pani Puri, Street Meat, Terttulia Bistro, Jovos, Pune Cocktail Bar, Laa Unico, The Tipsy Duckling, Viman Nagar Social, Apsara Ice Creams, etc. “

8. Jaipuri Paani Patashi :  


This pink heritage city of Rajasthan is really royal in flavors of pani puri all over local street corners and places to explore different taste for this snacky treat. Jaipuri golgappas are always loved by the people as the city is an excellent tourist attraction with variant shades of customs and cultures and so is with cuisines. The local street market area of Bajaj Nagar in Jaipur gives food lovers a wide choice to taste the yummy spicy chaat and panni patashi all over.  

  • The desi diary of Jaipur paani patashi comes with many native street stalls and places such as: 

“Chawla's, Nand Chaat Bhandar, Ridhi Sidhi Sweets, Manoj Patashi, Lalaji Ke Patashi, Chatkara Phuchka, Durgadas Chaat Bhandar, Brijwasi Patashi Bhandar, Delhi Chaat Bhandar, Nand Gol Gappe, Ram Chandra Chaat Bhandar, Tapari and many more. “ 

9. Lucknawi Paani Patashe: