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Debunking The Most Common Indian Food Stereotypes

There’s nothing more annoying than reading incorrect blogs about your favorite dishes. So here we bust some common stereotypes about Indian food in New York that people need to stop spreading.

We’ve been ordering from Indian restaurant delivery in NYC for years, yet there is so much that we misunderstand about this exotic cuisine. Most of these stereotypes exist because most restaurants seem to offer the same set of popular dishes. Many exist because people misunderstand Indian culture. And many are true for the most part.

We’re here to bust the most common stereotypes about this popular cuisine so that people will stop spreading them. Because reading what you know to be wrong is annoying.

Indian Food Is Spicy

It’s such a popular stereotype that most people think of the best Indian restaurant in NYC when they want to enjoy something spicy. It may be true for most of the dishes you find at the restaurants but not all Indian dishes. Many of them are as plain and simple as they can be, e.g. dal and rice.

Moreover, you can always request the chef to go easy on the spices. You can also order some yogurt and lassi to soften the taste of the spices.

Indian Dishes Take Forever To Prepare

If this was true, then your orders would never reach on time. Yet you can always rely on an Indian restaurant delivery in NYC when you feel hungry. While some dishes require multiple steps, which can take time, most require only basic steps and ingredients. So if you’re in a hurry, ask about which dishes can be ready soon and order accordingly.

All Indians Are Vegetarians

A huge portion of the Indian population is vegetarian but not all. Chicken, mutton and seafood are common delicacies all over the Indian subcontinent. Butter chicken and tikka masala are two of the most popular Indian non-veg dishes. So you rarely have to worry about not finding non-veg food at an Indian restaurant.

You Must Always Eat With Hands

This is more of a traditional thing than an ethical one. Indians eat their meals with their hands because it gives them a better feel for how hot the food is. It's especially practical when eating flatbreads or rice dishes. But you can use forks and knives if you feel more comfortable with them. The best Indian restaurant in NYC usually offers them anyway.

Just be sure to eat with your right hand when eating with Indians because it’s considered unhygienic to use the left.

Only Pro Chefs Can Make The Dishes

That may only be true for the most sophisticated dishes that require costly ingredients and hours of preparation. Most Indian dishes are simple. You can prepare your favorite Indian food in New York as long as you have the required ingredients. You can find most ingredients at your local supermarket and take the help of blogs to make most of them.

No Beef Allowed

Most Indian restaurants don’t serve beef because cows are sacred to Hindus. But many Indians do consume beef and many niche restaurants serve them as well. You’ll need to search a bit though.

There’s Rice Everywhere

Rice is a staple crop all across India. It is the main source of carbohydrates for most families. But it’s not the only staple ingredient. Many prefer flatbreads like naan, chapati and tandoori roti with their Indian food in New York.

Everything Is Curry

If by curry you mean the red spicy sauce you see on anime, then no, everything is not curry. Curry refers to a bunch of Indian gravy dishes. They come in all sorts of colors and flavors depending on the spices you add. Some are red and spicy while some are white and creamy.

It’s Greasy

How greasy your order is, depends on where you order it from. Low budget restaurants tend to use a lot of oil to make the ingredients taste better. Restaurants like Imli use better ingredients to prepare their dishes. So research some good Indian food places that serve orders with just the right amount of oil or made using grilling or steaming so that you don’t have to worry about your calorie intake.

All Indian Dishes Were Made In India

You would expect that from the name but surprisingly many Indian dishes were not made in India. According to some historians, many dishes like idli, biryani, samosa, etc. came to India through traders and immigrants. These dishes have been Indianized ever since with chefs all over the region reinventing them.

Saag Is Creamed Spinach

It’s actually mustard leaf, though spinach is commonly used to make the dish. Most people don’t add cream either. Other vegetables used include kale, radish leaves and broccoli.

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