5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Wondering how to get rid of those disease-spreading rats in your house? You might have tried and tested things such as setting mice traps around your house, putting in rat poison, and then dealing with dead mice. What if we told you that you can avoid all of the above-mentioned activities just by implementing a simple procedure.


HomeShielders have come up with a unique solution to deal with the pests present in your house. Getting rid of these irritating pests has become easier with the new ultrasonic pest repeller device. Keeping in mind the hurdles you need to face, this device can be your friend in need.


Top 5 things to know before you buy this device

Now before you step out of the house and head to the departmental store to buy this product, here are some points you need to consider before buying.


HomeShielders have come up with the top 5 points which you might want to consider before going for the new age ultrasonic pest repeller device. The points go as follows:


  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – What is it?

You might be wondering what exactly is this ultrasonic pest repeller device? This is the primary point you must know. Well, this device emits an ultrasonic wave or a high-frequency noise which repels the pests as well as eliminates them. Pests such as diseases carrying rats and bugs can be found in your household and to get rid of them, this device can prove to be an effective tool.


  • Knowing about how the device works

Now that you know what exactly this pest repeller is, let us know dig deep down to know more about its functionalities. The baseline of this device is the ultrasound which is emitted from it. Ultrasound in simple words is a sound that is more than 20,000 Hz.


It cannot be detected by the human ear and this concept was used by the Chinese civilization in ancient times to drive away pests from the crop fields. Rodents can perceive such a high-frequency sound and this ultrasonic pest repeller is a perfect tool to create an audiogenic seizure exposure in the pests.


  • The target pests for this device

Now that you know how ultrasonic pest repeller works, you might have considered looking for an ultrasonic pest repeller online. But before that, you need to know which are the pests and bugs this device can target and bring down easily. Here is a piece of good news for you. This wonder device works well on a variety of bugs and pests in your household.


Pests such as rats, cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, disease-spreading flies, and bats can be smoothly tackled without worries. It is completely safe for your pets like cats and dogs as they are not affected by the ultrasound.


  • The cost of this device

We have acquired all the required information about this pest repeller. Before you search for an ultrasonic pest repeller online, you must have an idea about its cost in the market. The price range of this pest repeller varies from $10 to $100 in the markets. Remember that the price depends on factors such as brand and the variety of pests it can repel.


If you want to go for a cost-cutting option, then choose the plugin repellers. These plugin repellers cost less than the corded repellers and are effective as well.


  • The hidden facts

You now know how effective these pest repellers are and how well these ultrasonic pest repellers work depend on your household and the type of pests. Before buying, remember that these devices do not guarantee a 100 percent removal of pests from your household. You need to maintain cleanliness and properly ventilate your area periodically to get the maximum benefits.


This blog sums up the benefits of ultrasound pest repellers and why you should be going in for the purchase. A pest-free home is a disease-free home and this device will help you achieve your cleanliness goals.



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