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Do You Really Need a Kitchen Chimney for Your Home?

No more grease or smoke in your kitchen will haunt you! It is just unbelievable, right? But, it is very much to believe with the best chimney for kitchen in India. If you want to buy the top brand of chimney in India 2020 and require the best guidance, look no further than K2 Appliances. Your perfect platform to check genuine product buying guides.

A lot of trends are prevalent these days to modify your kitchen. But are those trends for you? Whosoever shifts to a new home or thinks about refurbishing their old ones are tricked by this question - Do we need a kitchen chimney or not? 

And since there still hangs over a lot of doubt around the efficacy of a chimney, here we are to discuss a few factors that can help you decide for sure.

To know about the solution, let’s first discuss the origin of the onset of confusion.

Initial Phase

Electric kitchen chimneys were introduced in India back in 1993. The concept was imported from Europe where general cooking requires a lot less oil to be used. So eventually the fumes produced in such a situation were quite less. The best kitchen chimney was then imported from Europe to India without looking into the needs of an Indian kitchen. Since an Indian kitchen is home to a lot of frying and fumes, these chimneys could not be installed without ducting. They had low suction and were installed with carbon filters for the circulation of air. This further resulted in a decreased suction capacity that was ineffective in getting rid of grime and smoke. 

So the people who installed them during that period came to a conclusion that chimneys are nothing but fancy, decorative items to enhance the look of a kitchen. 

Changing Times Changing Perceptions

In the year 1999-2000, advanced kitchen chimney was introduced. They now had been modified according to the tough needs of a typical Indian kitchen and therefore, had a better suction capacity with the option of exhaust mode. 

Although at first, the installations were expensive, the new type of chimneys fulfilled their purpose of removing the smoke and grime efficiently. 

The appliance started taking over and more and more satisfied customers contributed to the popularity of the best kitchen chimneys once again. 

With their success, a lot of companies started manufacturing chimneys with ducting exhaust modes and higher suction powers. The chimneys switched designs and shapes with time, as per the changing trends and requirements.

And with increasing options, making a choice became harder for a customer. So now even when the clarity of buying a chimney was there, a question persisted. Which one to buy?

If the same question is racking your brain, let us discuss a few parameters that can help you choose the perfect one for you.

  • The size of the hob being used in the kitchen. Go for a 60cm one if the cooktop’s size is corresponding i.e less than 60 cm. If its 70-90cm, then a kitchen chimney with a corresponding size would be the best.


  • Mind the space to be left for the installation of a kitchen chimney. I.e if the space left if 60cm, don’t install a chimney of a bigger size.


  • The number of bends and ducting. Since the number of bends corresponds with the suction power of the chimney.


  • The size of the kitchen. The bigger the kitchen, the higher the power of suction is required to clean it.


  • Looks matter. Depending upon your personal choice you can choose between a chimney with a glass look, to the one with steel outers and designs.


Concluding Thoughts:
Of course, one more factor plays a very important role in reaching the final decision. Which brand and which model to go for. For that, you need a complete analysis of the trending products. You can check for the same at K2 Appliances and find the best auto clean chimney for yourself. Also, K2 has good news for all its regulars. Everyone can get avail of an additional 10% discount on all the listed products at K2 Appliances.

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