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Are you looking for doctors Job in the UK and have some questions? Not sure what to imagine and how to prepare? Well concern no more, because we will help you with your first carrier break in the UK.

Going to live and work in a new country is both an awesome and scary experience. Doctors from all over the world come to the UK for service and to take benefit of the world-class training and development programs. We offer both long and short term doctor jobs. We furthermore provide substantive posts, usually 6 months or one-year contracts as well as permanent positions. All services rendered to doctors by us are free of charge.

Our recruitment team is committed to making your locum job search as simple as possible and pride ourselves on having an extremely experienced and friendly recruitment team to help you in finding the most appropriate locum work available. If you are a doctor looking for locum work, you’ve come to the correct place! We have approved staffing provider to the NHS and currently hold 100’s of favored seller agreements with individual Trusts, guaranteeing that we are able to supply our candidates with exclusive locum roles that are not available through other locum doctor agency.

Excellent Locum Doctor Agency

We build personal as well as professional understanding with our customers and candidates alike, which often grows into lasting relationships and which have become the foundation of our medical locum doctor agency providing unparalleled service, with the motto of achieving continued locum employment, trustworthiness, reliability, and satisfaction. Above all else, we know that our success and development is connected firmly to our ability to deliver the assurance we make to you.

Our specialist Doctors recruitment department is devoted to providing locum doctor jobs and permanent doctor jobs to public and private sector hospitals and clinics countrywide. As a framework approved and preferred supplier to the NHS, we offer an extensive range of jobs for medical locums ranging from Acute Medicine Doctors, General Medicine Doctors, Geriatric Medicine Doctors, and Rehabilitation Medicine Doctors to Breast Surgeons, Colorectal Surgeons, Hematologists, Neurologists, and Urologists plus several other medical and surgeon jobs throughout the UK.

We have built a name for supplying only top quality doctors into locum and permanent positions with competitive rates of pay and a team of devoted recruitment consultants behind the scenes. 

We hire the following

Acute Medicine Doctors, Breast Surgeons, Cardiologists, Colorectal Surgeons, Emergency Medicine Doctors, Dermatologists, Hematologists, Nephrologists, ITU Doctors, Neurologists, Surgeons, Orthopedic & Trauma, Paediatric Surgeons, Stroke Medicine Doctors, Thoracic Medicine Doctors, and various others….

Our Payment Process

Upon receipt of your timesheet, signed and authorized by the hospital, we will compensate you weekly, directly into your bank account. We are officially required to deduct the current rate of National Insurance and Tax contributions. Don’t concern if you don’t already have a Tax Code or National Insurance number – we’ll guide you through the process making it as straight forward as feasible!

Limited Companies

The large majority of locum doctors work through their own limited company. Working through a limited company can prove very profitable for certain temporary workers in the UK. Rather than being paid directly by your recruitment agency (via their PAYE payroll) you can become an employee and shareholder of a ‘Limited Company’. This option lets you receive some of your income in the form of a dividend rather than as a salary and therefore qualify for savings in Tax and National Insurance contributions.

Travel Expenses 

Several hospitals pay for your return journey using any UK airport or point of entry. It is most excellent to claim your travel expenses directly from the hospital by filling in a travel claim form while you are still working there.

Mail forwarding and luggage storage service

We offer mail forwarding and luggage storage services to our doctors. This service is free of cost – Please inquire for details.


Most hospitals offer free or heavily subsidized accommodation. There is however some employers that don’t offer accommodation, in these circumstances, your Recruitment Consultant will fully help you with finding appropriate and reasonable accommodation close to your place of work.

We will help you in protecting private accommodation if you want to do so and can offer you with character reference as supporting evidence for a landlord if you want to rent private sector accommodation. We will also support your application for a loan or mortgage if you choose to buy your own property.

Taking along a Spouse/Child  

Hospitals very hardly provide accommodation for families. In our knowledge, taking a spouse or child along is easier said than done. It might be the best idea to find a longer-term post, get separate private accommodation close to the hospital and get them settled in. This is an exceptional case and you will require our help here.

Public Transport

The UK’s public transport system is very well developed and simple to use. There are train stations in most of the rural towns along with the cities, this means that you can travel around without difficulty and explore much more of the UK than just where you are living.


If you don’t previously have a bank account set up in the UK, we will assist you with this. Our staff will communicate with the Bank Manager at the closest branch to where you are going to be living in the UK on your behalf and also arrange for you to get all the essential documentation submitted. In most circumstances, bank accounts are fully set up by the time you arrive in the UK.

There are certain necessities to qualify for UK bank accounts; these do differ between banks so please inquire your Recruitment Consultant for the latest information regarding this.

We have a special relationship with different banks and we will provide you with a letter, enabling you to open a bank account in the UK however you should be able to provide the bank with the essential documentation.

What makes us different?

We are entirely different from all other competitors accessible in the market. We work with the motto of complete Customer satisfaction, thus we offer the first-class service at your doorstep. Don’t waste time; simply be in touch with us to enjoy a world-class experience.


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