Simple Ayurvedic Tips to Keep Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

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Simple Ayurvedic Tips to Keep Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Simple Ayurveda Tips to Keep Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

 The use of household items in ayurveda will keep the body healthy and the cost of the disease will also be spared. Some important Ayurveda Tips from which anyone can make healthy body for long time as follows: -

  • Fruit juice, excess oil, whey, sour things should not be eaten at night.
  • Water should not drink water immediately after eating oily things, but should drink water after one and a half hours.
  • After the meal, you should walk in the fresh air in the evening. Sleeping immediately, after the meal causes stomach disturbances.
  • It should get up early in the morning and some exercises or physical work should be done in the open air.
  • Do not drink water after walking in high sunlight and hard work.
  • Do not eat mixture of honey and ghee in equal quantity, it becomes poison.
  • Do not take anti-substances together as food, such as milk and jackfruit, milk and curd, fish and milk should not be taken together.
  • Never sleep on the head by wearing cloth or wearing socks.
  • Reading in very bright and dim light, watching excessive TV or cinema, consuming more hot-cold items, using more chili-spices and walking in the sunlight should avoid all of them. If you have to walk in a bright sun, you should wear cloth on head and ear.
  • The patient should always warm and lukewarm water and the patient should be protected from cold air, hard work and anger.
  • If there is pain in the ear, the juice of the leaf is to be inserted into the ear before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Parts of body should be kept in cold water after burning from fire or any hot item.
  • Any patient should avoid the use of oil, ghee or more smooth substances. Indigestion medicines should always take only after the meal.
  • In case of constipation, if it is to be prescribed loose motion then it should be done in the morning only.
  • If you want to mix any medicine in a thin substance, mix it with churned curd, coconut, water or plain water instead of tea, coffee or milk.
  • Asafetida must be used only after roasting in Indian ghee. The coating of asafetida should be raw.

Complete Ayurveda Tips

Today about 80% people are sick surrounding area , but there is not enough doctor for the treatment of all these diseases. 3000 years ago according to Maharishi Vaghabhatta  ‘Ashtanga's Hriday’, a sick person can be his best doctor. The following Ayurveda Tips were made to stay free from diseases.

  • In Ayurveda , it is said to Sleep after cleaning  the teeth at night. After getting up in the morning, drink luke warm water without murmuring sit and sip. 1- 2 glass as much as you can drink from the convenience, start with it and gradually increase it to drink to one and half a liter.It can be more benficial ayurveda tips for you.
  • Drinking water at the end of the food is similar to drinking poison, so should not drink water for half an hour before eating and for one and a half hours. Water must be taken after one and a half hours, in the alternate of water you can drink fresh juice of seasonal fruits after morning meal. If you are not heart patient, churned cured can be taken after lunch .Drink hot milk after evening meal. It is necessary ayurveda tips that do not reverse the order of these things. delayed periods reasons
  • Never drink water from the refrigerator. During the summer, drink water from the earthen pot as per the ayurveda tips.
  • Breakfast should be eaten within 2 to 3 hours of Sun rise. it is says in ayurveda healthy tips. You should see the time of sunrise in your city and then make a meal time.
  • Eat lunch by one-third of the morning meal, like if you eat three chapati in morning, then eat two in the afternoon. Do not sleep more than 40 minutes in afternoon.
  • In contrast, should not sleep immediately after the meal in the evening. Make sure to take at least 500 steps after the meal. It is says in ayurveda tips, If possible, eat dinner before sunset. Do not use fridge, microwave, oven, pressure cooker and aluminum utensils to make food.
  • Do not use refined oil in the food. Use the pure oil of the oil seeds that are planted in the area where you live, In Ayurveda tips , if you have mustard oil in your area, then mustard oil, groundnut, then groundnut oil, coconut and coconut oil.
  • Always use rock salt in the food, not iodized salt. Instead of sugar, you can use good, molasses or sugar candy in Ayurveda tips.
  • Do not take any intoxication. Tea, coffee, carnivores, flour and bakery products should not be used. After cleansing the teeth, drink the milk of turmeric before sleeping at night.

By using the above lifestyle and household items of the Ayurveda Tips, you can increase the immunity of your body's disease, after increasing the immune system; the disease will not come around you too and can lead a happy and healthy life with a healthy body according to Ayurveda.

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