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What are some Best Career jobs in Pakistan for Girls?

If you haven’t decided about your career then you must know what kinds of careers in pakistan are most suitable for girls. Tap onto common todays jobs in Pakistan for females.

There was a time when women were not allowed to leave their homes and do any work in Pakistan. Thanks to God, we are living in the 21st century. Today's jobs in Pakistan are available for both girls and boys. Many girls are doing graduation and post-graduation and becoming a part of the private and government sector. Things have changed a lot from the last three decades, yet girls still face many hurdles. Not every career is suitable for women. If you haven’t picked your career path yet, let me help you with it.

Career in Medicine

Girls working in the medical sector can grab an immense level of respect. If you are a girl who wants to save lives, nothing is as unusual as becoming a doctor. More than 50 percent of Pakistan's population strives for this career path as it unlocks excellent job opportunities in Pakistan and, of course, money factor also matters. Becoming a doctor requires more than five years.

If you want to join a medical career, but in a short-cut format, you can become a nurse. The nature of women is to feel the pain of others and be compassionate and caring. In case you belong to a family where you are not allowed to go for further study after matriculation, you can do nursing courses in Pakistan. You won’t have to be worried about today's jobs in Pakistan for nurses as every other clinic and hospital likes to hire a nurse. 

In case you don’t want to work as a doctor, then you can teach medicine. Tons of universities and colleges are ready to hire practicing doctors who can share valuable insights about their life experience and let other people become doctors.

Educational Field

Whether you have done graduation or Masters, you can join the education field as teachers. Every other school and college has job openings in Pakistan for teachers. Instead of becoming all subject teachers, you should opt for niche-specific teaching experience. When it comes to time and schedule, you would like this job as you don’t have to stay in the field afternoon. 


At first, this field was dominated by men only, but today jobs in Pakistan in the law sector are also available for females. This field is suitable for women as they have a natural inclination for justice. Instead of studying criminal law, you should opt for corporate law as this study helps you put your foot inside the corporate world- which is full of respect and a formal setting. Women don’t feel uncomfortable working with a professional workforce. The pay rate of corporate lawyer jobs in Pakistan is also higher than that of criminal law.

Airline Careers

A secure career to get for females in Pakistan is to become an air hostess. However, these days trends have changed. Now women are not only working as hostesses but also as pilots. Of course, you need a lot of determination and dedication to become a female pilot in Pakistan. But when your family is supportive and passionate, then the sky is your only limit.

Banking Sector

When a 9to5 job doesn’t bother you much, then the banking sector is quite promising. You can start your job from PKR 25,000, and it grows with time. You can enjoy financial stability and also get a chance to enjoy the promotion. You can go to the top-level only when you are hardworking and honest.

IT Sectors

I like the most about information technology because it offers excellent job opportunities for both males and females. These days, women can start a lucrative IT career as many online portals such as,, and Fiverr is putting lots of opportunities on the table. The best part about the IT field is that you don’t have to leave your home. These days, many moms are handling business online and managing it all from their home. You can become a freelance writer, web designer, video creator, transcriber, or animator online. 

Media Jobs in Pakistan

One of the best careers in Women is available in the Media and Entertainment field. When you belong to an educated family, then you should pursue this career. Becoming an actor will take a lot of effort and time. However, a degree in journalism helps you land on the job of news anchors and hosts. You can enjoy a lot of perks alongside a good salary from the media industry.


If you are a creative girl and looking for today’s jobs in Pakistan, you can become a designer. It’s not just one field where you can limit your skill and talent. You can turn into a fashion, jewelry, and interior designer.

Wrap Up

In 2020, women have more job opportunities in Pakistan then before, as people understand that women also deserve equal opportunities as men. Some tribal areas are still living in ancient times, but women in big cities enjoy more freedom than others.

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