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Top 10 Jobs in USA You can Get with a law degree

You must know about the top 10 jobs in USA you can get with a law degree. These jobs are easy to do and some of them are not regular nine to five ones.

Do you have a law degree and are searching for the best careers in this particular field? If yes, then it’s time to grab an idea of possible jobs in USA you can do with this degree.

1.Company Secretary

Join a corporate house as a company secretary. Your job is to make sure that every operation in the company is done according to law. Every big company needs a legal advisor who makes sure that a company doesn’t need to handle legal cases and suits. Many customers and clients file cases against companies in case of noncompliance. So, a legal advisor's job is to create a legal safety net around the company, so they don’t have to pay any legal charges.

2. Law Teacher or Professor

Another lucrative job offer for a person with a law degree is to become a professor or teacher. You can join a school and college. If you have the best orator skills, then the field of teaching is quite rewarding. It always feels great to transfer your knowledge into the younger generation and let them grow. When you don’t want to join the corporate world, you can enter the academic field, which also opens up great job opportunities.

3. Legal Writing

Many top tv shows and serials often have courtroom scenes about which they need extensive knowledge. Only a person with a law degree knows how a courtroom works and what the terms are. So, you can become a legal writer. In the entertainment industry, directors and producers look for a legal writer who can offer them advice and consultation about legal script writing.

4 Social Activist

If you want to help other people and are ready to go extra miles with it, you can join a social activist's career. It’s certainly not an easy job and requires constant effort. Getting a law degree and then entering this field, let you meticulously plan all your activities. You make sure that your campaign involves no illegal activities. People who don’t want to work nine to five can consider taking this career route.

5. Legal Consultant

One of the best job offers for people with a law degree is to become a legal consultant. You can earn a hefty amount of money by sharing a few details. As a consultant, your job is to offer a solution to legal problems and help corporations make various contracts and agreements. You need to interact with higher and lower management from time to time, intending to bring some changes into its policies.

6.Legal Publishing

Every year tons of legal books are being published. If you are working in the law world for quite some time, you should consider publishing legal books. You can write a book about corporate law and earn a steady income from it. People in the legal field and corporate world can make the most of your book. If it becomes the best-seller, many publishers will be interested in translating it into other languages and spreading it worldwide.


It is one of the fascinating jobs in USA a person can get with a law degree. Before you opt for this career, you should know that this job is quite challenging. Whether you work for print media or TV, you must have to work nonstop. Being a journalist who has a law degree can help the news media. If there is a defamation lawsuit or any other case, a lawyer can easily battle it.

8. Public interest Advocacy

When you study law, then your thoughts and opinions become logical. You have a viewpoint about every single matter. Whenever there is a burning issue, you would have a specific opinion about it. If you are a person who doesn’t mind standing up against anyone and anything, then you should become an advocate of public interest. Fratres has been opening new job vacancies for lawyers. No matter what kind of law jobs in USAin USA you are looking for, this job portal offers. All you need to do is make an account on Fratres and then start applying for a job.

9. Research Analysts

If you don’t want to work in court, then another option is to become a research analyst. Your job is to analyze every single case and come up with strong arguments. You will spend an ample amount of your time on researching a case.

10.Fish and game warden

If you don’t want a regular job, then you can become a fish and game warden. As a legal officer, you must know about illegal hunting, fishing, and poaching of animals. Once you have this job, you will stay close to nature, away from the city's hustle and bustle.


I have shared a list of the best jobs in USA you can do with a law degree. Now you can choose a career that inspires you the most and let you put your degree to the best use.

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