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All India Job Vacancies for Actors | Fratres

Today, we will tell you about all India job vacancies that will help actors grab a job.

Everybody cannot become an actor. It requires both training and talent. Being an Actor is a glamorous career. In India, all India job thousands of people enter Mumbai daily with the dream of becoming an actor. But due to fierce competition, 90% of them change their field. The remaining become struggling actors, while very few of them become successful. In India, there are three primary film industries Mumbai, Tamil, and Gujrat. No doubt, Bollywood is the largest film industry in India.

1-      Theaters:

The theater is a building where actors play different roles to entertain the audience. In India, there are thousands of theaters. Some theaters are well known, while most of them are small. The theater is a primary platform for any actor to develop its skills. It gives you the live experience to interact with the audience. Big names of Bollywood like Naseeruddin Shah, Anupum Kher, and Shabana Kazmi also started their careers from the theater. Asmita Theater Group, Prithvi Theater, and National School of Drama (NSD) are the biggest platforms for train actors.

In theaters, actors are usually paid 1k-10k per show. For getting a all India job in Theater, you can also do some free concerts that will add up in your experience and you will quickly get a job.

2-      TV/ Film Actors:

Every actor in India has a dream to work in a film or TV serial. Film actors earn more than TV actors. But again, it depends upon the kind of role and production house. If a TV actor is working for a giant production house like Stars or Colors, he will earn more than an actor working for a Gujrati or low budget Bollywood film.

To work on screen, an actor needs to embrace focused play and be real. Now the question arises how to get a all India job as a TV or Film actor?

Many casting agents in India hire actors for a film or TV show. Now a day’s people do prefer online platforms. There are various online platforms like,,, You have to make a profile on these platforms and then apply for the jobs. The profile should be killing with the latest photos and sample videos of your acting.

3-      Commercial Actors:

Commercial actors promote the brands of a company through TV or social media ads. It is a high paid all India job in the field of acting. All you need is to learn some acting skills. The most crucial thing in this field is the type of personality. For example, if a person does not have good hair, then a shampoo company will not hire him.

You shouldn't be a professional or a famous actor to advertise any brand on screen. Many advertising agencies in India hire actors.

4-      Web Series:

Web series is a new and rising platform for actors to show their acting skills. In India, all India job we have seen a web series trend on YouTube in the recent past like Kota Factory and Permanent roommates. Many talented actors have come into the limelight through these websites like Mancvi Gagroo, Sameer Vyas, Angira Dhar, etc.

 Most web series actors come from theater backgrounds. The web series actors are paid less as compared to TV and film actors.

On online casting platforms, there are many vaccines for web series actors. You can visit them and apply for the type of role that suits you.


No doubt, acting is a field of fame and money, but at the same time, it involves a high-risk factor.You have to develop it with continuous practice. The best platform for a beginner is a theater or drama school to start with. From theater, you learn such an experience which helps you in all of your acting profession.

In all India job vacancies for actors, no doubt film acting is the best option, but with a massive increase in social media use, the web series actors are also gaining a lot of fame. Take an example of Netflix, the actors that work with it or the web series that Netflix buys gets the audience from India and all over the world. 

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