The History, Evolution & Future of Roofing Materials

Roofing Materials

The History, Evolution & Future of Roofing Materials

Dating back to primitive times, having a shelter above one’s head can mean the difference between life and death. As a matter of fact, the first rule of human survival is to build a shelter where he/she can stay, rest, or spend some time in a safe manner. Thus, having a roof of any kind is a basic human need for existence.

Like every other thing in the construction and development industry, roofing materials have significantly evolved over the course of time. In terms of their aesthetics, durability, affordably, availability, efficiency, maintenance needs, environmental-friendliness, and whatnot. 

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane to see where how far we’ve come in the field of roofing and what might e expect in the future as well.

The 20th Century Roofing.

1.    Composite Shingles.

With chemistry making giant leaps, and science being the fundamental base of progress, daily-life things were becoming more efficient in general as the world steeped into the 20th century. Therefore, creating the perfect environment for the development of first-ever Composite Shingles; made of felted fabric covered in tar. 

2.    Asphalt Shingles.

1903 changed the concept of roofing forever when the first type of asphalt shingles were invented. Utilizing a scientific combination of bitumen, laced with shards of quartz, brick, slate, or other similar minerals, these asphalt shingles were made. These shingles possessed impressive insulation/weather-shielding properties. Therefore, making a major breakthrough for the homes with insufficient central-heating systems.

Changes in size, shape, and even chemical composition were made with the passage of time to make these asphalt shingles the new face of roofing. Today, it’s quite a feat that these Asphalt Shingles have lasted on for more than two centuries. 

Roofing in the 21st Century and its Future.

Dealing with the adverse effects of Global Warming and Environmental pollution, the 21st century began with an eco-friendly approach towards roofing. Builders and Property owners started contributing to a clean and green environment by employing long-lasting, quality, and less harmful construction procedures.

1.    Green Roofs. 

Today, Green Roofs are the talk of the town. It’s a concept of gardening but on the roof of one’s property. Since it seems a shame to deliberately waste all that surface area i.e. of a roof, people are now more inclined towards experimenting with gardens and living roofs of all sorts. Especially the ones housing various different types of plants, grasses, kitchen gardens i.e. home-grown vegetables and fruits as well as healthy bee habitats. In short, living roofs are becoming an exciting option for both commercial buildings and homes.

2.    Solar Roofs.

Although the concept of Solar Roofing isn’t that new, it still holds the same constructional importance. In fact, it would be not wrong to say that it’s the need of the hour. Since the energy sources of our planet are decreasing drastically on a daily basis, it’s time we shift towards sustainable energy-producing methods. Such as the use of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels for electricity production. Moreover, these Solar roofs would help you keep your house shielded against many weather and environmental damages by posing as a protective barrier. Ultimately, minimizing the frequency of roof maintenance. 

Undoubtedly, investing in solar roof shingles is quite an expensive option to opt for. Yet, it comes with its own lifelong benefits. Not only you can serve your part towards developing a healthy environment but also can save huge bills on your energy costs. Especially if you live in a hot climate, it would be even more beneficial for you. 

We often take our roofs for granted; giving minimal care for their maintenance and repair needs. Not thinking even for a while of what life would be like if we were exposed to such harsh weather conditions all year long. So, contact a credible roofing company queens today and have them regularly inspected for the renovations of damages that occurred. 

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